Schedule A Chimney Masonry Repair Or Restoration Before Fall

Fall is just around the corner, which means there is still time to schedule your masonry repairs and restoration work before the cool winds of winter arrive! Getting this maintenance on the books now will ensure your fireplace is ready to go when you want to put it to use this fall, and you’ll get longer-lasting results, too. Learn more below, then schedule an appointment with the Mason’s Chimney Service crew today!

Why Warmer Weather?

fireman putting out fireSo, why are higher temperatures and sunny days ideal for masonry work? Well, any type of chimney repair is best done in the summer because it offers more ideal working conditions for the sweep. They will be able to do their job in a way that is safer and more effective. You also won’t find yourself needing to delay any jobs due to freezing temperatures or snowy/sleety weather.

This will give the team you hire ample time to get your structure properly waterproofed before winter. Avoiding this maintenance could lead to a lot of water-related damages and the freeze/thaw process, all of which will trigger more repair work before you know it. Finally, most masonry repairs require materials that need to cure in nice weather. The temperature needs to be within a certain range, and it can’t be rainy or wet, either. When these repairs are done on colder days, it’s a lot harder to achieve those high-quality results!

Save Yourself The Stress – Schedule Now!

A broken down masonry structure can lead to a lot of stressful and dangerous situations for your household. Cracks and gaps in your brickwork and mortar leave open pathways for flames, smoke, carbon monoxide, and other dangerous fumes to escape into your home. This makes you more vulnerable to house and chimney fires. It could also lead to serious illnesses or even death.

Scheduling now also ensures our team has ample time to get your work completed before the burning season starts. Once fall officially gets here, our team of experts can become quite swamped, forcing some customers to wait weeks before we can do an inspection. If the repairs you need are more extensive, it may be a while before we can get to you, meaning you’ll have to delay your burn season indefinitely.

This is less than ideal, and it can leave friends, holiday guests, and family members disappointed. A crackling flame sets the mood for every fall and winter evening, so ensure your system is ready for use by counting on our team of CSIA certified technicians today. We’re eager to work with you soon!

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Schedule An Early Chimney Sweeping Before Fall

Can you believe that the start of fall is less than two months away? If you’ve been putting your yearly fireplace inspection and sweeping on the back burner, we suggest getting them on the schedule now to avoid the fall rush. There are lots of benefits to scheduling your inspection and sweeping sooner, rather than later. At Mason’s Chimney Service, we are always ready and eager to help!

More Convenient Scheduling

sweep holding wire sweeping brushIf you know that your flue is filled with flammable creosote, then your chimney definitely needs a sweeping before lighting fires this fall. In fact, avoiding this maintenance will increase your risk of experiencing a chimney fire significantly. Should this occur, you’ll be looking at a lot of expensive damages. You also won’t be able to put your fireplace to use until you address every crack, hole, and crumbling brick.

Unfortunately, many people are forced to wait to light that first fire because they put off maintenance. Once temperatures start to drop, our calendars fill up fast, so finding a convenient time can be a challenge. If you have a busy lifestyle, we highly recommend scheduling your sweeping now, so that you can easily book a slot that works well for you. We’ll do our best to accommodate the scheduling concerns of each of our customers, but sometimes it’s just not possible. Don’t put yourself through that hassle. Call us today!

Ample Time To Address Repairs

Sometimes an annual inspection and sweeping reveal damages that need to be taken care of before lighting any fires. By scheduling earlier in the year, you save yourself some frustrating scheduling issues. If you had trouble booking your sweeping in the first place, imagine how challenging it will be to schedule even more maintenance!

All in all, you can save yourself a whole lot of stress by simply crossing this task off of your to-do list now. Reach out to our team today!

We Proudly Serve The Cherry Hill Area

Residents of Cherry Hill and its surrounding areas have been relying on our team of professionals since 1955. We are confident that no one else will bring you the level of care and personal attention that our sweeps do. We pride ourselves on offering honest assessments, mess-free services, and in-depth knowledge that only comes with a CSIA certification.

During our sweepings, we use specialized equipment, the latest techniques, and our extensive chimney knowledge to provide you with the best results possible. We’re eager to help, so rely on our team now. We look forward to working with you!

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