Your firebox is the part of your fireplace that holds the actual fire, and in a masonry chimney, it should be made of firebricks and refractory mortar that were designed to withstand high heat. Some older chimneys, however, were built with standard brick and cement, not the products we use today to ensure a safe and durable chimney. With the high heat of fires punishing masonry that wasn’t made to withstand it, homeowners will inevitably end up with deteriorated, loose and cracked mortar joints. This situation is highly inefficient and highly dangerous. Cracks and gaps are allowing toxic gases to weave their way into your living area, and are allowing heat to transfer to the combustible materials behind your fireplace and chimney, creating a serious fire hazard.
technician working on firebox repair
If your firebox is in marked disrepair, it likely won’t be hard to notice. But a good rule of thumb to keep in mind: Cracks or gaps larger than a fourth of an inch indicate a problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Firebox Repairs That Mason’s Chimney Service Can Help With

  • Pointing/joint repair – If your masonry firebox has cracked, loose or crumbling joints, experienced Mason’s Chimney Service technicians may recommend pointing work to repair those joints. Pointing is detailed work, involving the removal of damaged mortar and replacing it with the right materials for function and aesthetics. It takes experience and know-how to do it right, and our company has decades of experience working on chimneys in Gloucester, Camden, Salem and Burlington counties.
  • Rebuilds – If your firebox masonry is damaged beyond reasonable repair — or if it was constructed with materials that aren’t safe — your best option may be to have it rebuilt. We can build a beautiful and functional brand new firebox that’ll allow you and your family to safely and efficiently enjoy your fireplace for years to come. Mason’s Chimney Service is committed to upholding the highest standards in workmanship and ethics — we’ve put decades into finding the best chimney products, and we only use products and materials that we truly believe are the top choice for our customers. This way we know that we’re offering committed workmanship and durable materials at a fair price.
  • Ahren-Fire Fireplace System – Ahren-Fire offers a complete system that can thoroughly restore a smoky, inefficient and unsafe fireplace. It’s also built with high-temperature refractory material, and if you’re looking for a fireplace that provides a lot of heat, it can be a great choice. Its firebox is designed with a rounded back wall and corners that radiate more heat into your living space and less up the chimney. It’s a great product if you have a small flue area as well, since its highly-insulated construction leaves a need for about half the flue area associated with a traditional fireplace.

If your firebox is in need of repair, call Mason’s Chimney Service – we’d love the chance to restore your fireplace and exceed your expectations.


There are many areas of your fireplace and chimney that could need repairs or restoration. We’re always happy to discuss your options regarding these skilled masonry repairs.