Chimney Waterproofing & Flashing Repair

Today we have a variety of ways to protect our masonry chimneys that weren’t available when some of our area’s beautiful, historic homes were built. Water will take a toll on even the best-built chimneys over time, wearing out mortar joints and causing brick to deteriorate or spall (chip and flake). Adding a waterproofing sealant can help protect your masonry from encroaching water and considerably increase its service life.

Water Repellants & Crown Protection

Since our inception in 1955, Mason’s Chimney Service has put a lot of effort toward finding and using the best products in the business. For waterproofing, we use Firesafe’s CrownGuard Water Repellant, which has stood the test of time. This product has been used by chimney pros for more than 25 years. The sealant is highly effective at keeping water from seeping into the masonry, and since it’s vapor permeable, it still allows the brick and mortar to release gases and particles properly.

We can also use CrownGuard to seal fractures and cracks, and provide a permanent, flexible, 100% waterproof membrane for your chimney’s crown (which is an important barrier against water). This mildew resistant and UV resistant product effectively protects your whole chimney system against water damage and chimney leaks.

Flashing Repair

Flashing plays an important role in your chimney system and can also be a really beautiful part of your home’s look. It’s installed around the chimney where it meets the roofline, usually out of lead, copper or sheet metal.

The flashing’s basic construction consists of step flashing, with pieces that are L-shaped and integrated in with your roof shingles; and counter flashing, which provides further protection by layering over the step flashing. That design forms a solid barrier against water, and brings a bright visual pop against the brick and shingle (copper flashing, in particular, develops a colorful patina that many homeowners love).

If your flashing is damaged — if pieces tear or come off because of wind or animals, for instance — leaks can form and lead to damage in your chimney, roof, and even ceilings and interior walls. Flashing is always custom-designed for your specific chimney, so flashing repair needs to be done by experienced professionals. If your flashing has sustained any damage, call Mason’s Chimney Service — we’ll do the right repairs for your chimney.

Do you need flashing work? Or are you interested in a waterproofing sealant? Call Mason’s Chimney Service — our certified technicians can help.


Other chimney problems may indicate that your chimney needs relining to be restored to safe and efficient performance, so let us help with this vital chimney and fireplace service.