Complete Fireplace Restoration

As a company that’s been working on fireplaces and chimneys in Gloucester, Camden, Salem and Burlington counties since 1955, Mason’s Chimney Service & Certified Air Duct Cleaning, Inc. has encountered every fireplace need, from finding frustrating leaks and fixing smoky fireplaces to replacing entire chimneys.

No matter what the job is, our family-owned and -operated business maintains a focus on one main goal: to provide the kind of service that makes every customer a happy, loyal, lifetime customer.

If your fireplace needs work, we do it all — but we also pride ourselves on a strict company policy of never selling unnecessary services. We’ll offer an honest assessment of what you need to do to ensure a safe, efficient chimney system.

Common Fireplace Restoration Work

Pointing – The brick and mortar in your masonry is durable enough to stand up to decades of use, but these are also porous materials that feel the effects of weather, fire and the natural settling of your home. Over time, the masonry in your chimney might show signs of deteriorating, cracks, gaps or spalling. This brings a need for pointing — the exacting, painstaking removal and replacement of damaged material with new masonry.

Fireplace Performance Solutions – When your fireplace isn’t performing the way it should, Mason’s Chimney Service can help you figure out what’s contributing to the problems, and develop a plan to correct them. If your fireplace is smoking, if you’re experiencing draft problems, or if your unit isn’t providing the level of heat you need, we can help assess why and come up with a solution.

Fireplace Restoration – Whether your fireplace isn’t meeting your needs functionally or aesthetically, we can help find the right products and the right approaches to achieve the exact fireplace you need and want.

Restoring Factory-built Units – Factory-built fireplaces and stoves are built to be user-friendly and affordable, but different products have different lifespans. If your factory-built unit needs an overhaul, we can suggest the best ways to bring back its former beauty and usability.

Wood-Burning Stove Repair – Just like fireplaces, wood-burning stoves are beautiful additions to any room — but when they’re not properly maintained, they can pose the same safety hazards, too. Let us take a look at your wood-burning stove — if it can be restored, we have the know-how to do it right. And if you need to replace it, we’ll help you find a unit that’s right for your needs, taste and budget.

Chimney Leaks – Leaks are tricky. Since water is continually determined to get into your chimney system, there are a variety of places that might be responsible for a leak. That’s why we use a 31-Point Leak Inspection process that will find your problem areas, and help us provide a solution.

Waterproofing & Flashing Repair – Flashing protects the area where your chimney meets your roofline, and if parts are pulled up, damaged or missing, or if the caulking is loose or missing, water will quickly find its way in. Flashing repair is custom work and we have decades of experience doing it.

We can also recommend adding a waterproofing sealant to your chimney that’ll help fight off water (and lengthen the life of your masonry) while still allowing the brick and mortar to properly vent gases and small particles.

Chimney Relining & Replacement – Many beautiful historic homes in this area have chimneys that have withstood decades of hard winters and hot fires, and have the scars to show for it. If your chimney liner is failing, or if your chimney is damaged enough to need a full replacement, call us — we’ll help you find the right repairs and the right products.

Whatever your fireplace restoration needs, Mason’s Chimney Service is eager to help. Call us!


Some chimney repairs can be accomplished with pointing, a process of restoring the mortar joints in your chimney’s masonry. Call on Mason’s Chimney Service’s experience and expertise for these masonry services and quality results.