Certified Dryer Vent Services

A properly-maintained and cleaned dryer vent system is an important part of ensuring that your home is safe from fire hazards. As an example, in 2010, the National Fire Protection Association found that clothes dryers or washing machines were involved in nearly 17,000 reported home fires. That added up to $236 million in property damage, nearly 400 people injured and more than 50 deaths. Those are sobering statistics — and that’s just in one year.

We can inspect your dryer vent system for lint buildup, crushed or kinked connection hoses, vent hood blockage, and recommend ways to ensure that it’s functioning properly.

Why Is Your Dryer Vent System A Potential Source Of Fire?

We’re accustomed to cleaning out the lint trap that’s in our dryer, and that’s important — it should be done every time we add a new load of clothes in the dryer. But lint also builds up in the vent system, and over time, it can build up to the point where it’s restricting the air flow. A restricted vent system creates more heat, and lint, as you might guess, is highly flammable. If it ignites, the dryer vent fire quickly spreads. Dryer vent fires are a serious concern so it’s important to have your system cleaned annually.

Other Problems That Can Arise With A Clogged Vent System

Do you continually open up your dryer to find still-wet clothes? That doesn’t necessarily mean your dryer is failing — it could be a clogged venting system. If the air isn’t getting through properly, your clothes won’t dry properly, and that means you’re wasting energy and money. More than a few people have replaced dryers that didn’t need replacing because a clogged vent was giving a false indication that the dryer had stopped working.

Mason’s Chimney Service Dryer Services

  • Cleaning – Our trained and experienced technicians can thoroughly clean your vent system, ensuring that it’s free of lint and not posing a fire hazard.
  • Terminations – The termination is the place where your venting system stops on the far other side of the system. To meet safety codes, your dryer should terminate to the exterior of your home, and your dryer venting system shouldn’t be tied into anything else (like a vent coming from your bathroom). We can assess and repair improper terminations.
  • LintAlert® – LintAlert® takes the guessing out of whether or not your dryer exhaust system is venting properly, safely and efficiently. This high-tech product uses a computerized sensor that’s calibrated to how your dryer system should be performing. If there’s a problem with the system — for instance, if a dangerous level of airflow restriction is occurring — LintAlert® notifies you with an alarm. And it’s continually checking for problems, at all times. That brings real peace of mind.

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