Are you looking forward to Thanksgiving turkey, Christmas cookies, bright lights, and everything else associated with this festive time of year? Here at Mason’s Chimney Service, we love helping homeowners prepare their chimneys and fireplaces for the holidays. A crackling fire can set the mood for any type of party or get-together, and there’s no denying that a warm hearth is the best spot to be when temperatures drop.

That being said, a chimney that’s blocked up, filled with creosote, or experiencing damages can lead to some big problems and cause a lot of discomfort. Ensure you are all set and ready to enjoy the holiday season by calling in our team of experts right away. We provide mess-free services, and we guarantee to give you the care and professional attention you deserve every step of the way.

Inspections Prevent Further Damage

holiday chimney graphicThe CSIA urges homeowners to invest in an inspection every year before kicking off their burning season because often times there are damages that need to be addressed before any fires are lit. Water and excess moisture, for example, can cause your brickwork to deteriorate, and it can damage your metal components (such as the chimney cap, your flashing, and more), as well.

If damages of this nature are present, it is imperative that they are fixed before putting your system to use. Why? Because gaps and cracks throughout the structure give smoke, fumes, and other harmful gases easy access to your home. It also opens pathways for heat and flames to escape and start any adjacent woodwork on fire.

There could also be damages related to chimney fires, lightning strikes, harsh winds, severe weather, and more. No matter the issue at hand, getting a team of experts on the job is a must! Here at Mason’s Chimney Service, we offer a wide range of repair services including tuckpointing, crown repair, restoration work, and more. No matter what kinds of complications you are experiencing, we are certain we can help, but we won’t know what we’re dealing with until we look things over. Schedule your inspection now!

Do You Need A Sweeping, Too?

Another big reason we like to look things over before homeowners light their first fire of the year is so we can check for excess creosote accumulation. Creosote forms inside of your flue as you light fires, and it is very flammable. When too much builds up inside of your chimney, you face a serious risk of experiencing a chimney fire, and the longer you wait to have it removed to more likely you are to develop glazed creosote, which is a lot more difficult and time-consuming to remove.

Chimney fires break down masonry, warp metal chimney components, and leave your structure in a very vulnerable state. You may have even experienced one without realizing it as many are slow-moving and don’t make much noise. If you notice any puffy creosote inside of your flue, any warped metal, or any missing chunks of brickwork get in touch with a professional chimney sweep right away.

Some other signs that a chimney fire has occurred include discoloration, damaged roofing materials, cracks in the masonry, smoke escaping from unusual spots, and creosote flakes throughout your property. Keep an open eye and an open ear, and be sure to get an inspection on the books, even if no obvious damage is present. We can look things over with our advanced equipment and trained eyes, and ensure you are safe to put your system to use in the months ahead!

If we note dangerous levels of creosote, our experts can perform a sweeping, which entails the use of special brushes, vacuums, and technologies. Between our advanced tools and our technical knowledge, you won’t have to worry about the state of your chimney once we finish the job. Get our experts on the job today.

Worried About A Mess?

Now, many times homeowners worry about facing a big mess after someone has been scraping ash and creosote out of their chimney. This is a valid concern and one that a lot of chimney companies, unfortunately, don’t take seriously. Well, if you live in or near Cherry Hill, then you don’t have to stress about a thing because of the professionals at Mason’s Chimney value respect and high-quality services above everything else.

We use tarps, shoe covers, HEPA vacuums, and more to ensure your furniture, floors, curtains, and more stay protected all throughout this process. And with over six decades of experience under our belts, you can bet we’ve got these techniques mastered.

To top it off, you can rest easier knowing we provide honest and accurate evaluations and assessments. We never try to offer you more than you need, and we’ll do our best to work with your unique needs and budget.

Reach Out Today Before Temperatures Drop!

When evenings start to get snowy, cold, and windy, the last thing you want in your home is a fireplace that can’t even be put to use. Add an inspection to your to-do list today, so you can enjoy any upcoming holiday fun to the fullest. We are eager to speak with you soon. Call now!