Wood-burning Stove Maintenance & Repairs

Wood-burning stoves have their own unique look and function — they’re free-standing units that can vent through a stovepipe or a chimney, and they can be great for zone heating.

You may have a stove that you absolutely love but that isn’t quite functioning as well as it should be. Mason’s Chimney Service can help.

black wood burning stove insert set in a brick surround with a stone hearth

Some Common Kinds Of Stove Repairs/Restoration

  • Replacing glass/doors
  • Repairing or replacing a stovepipe
  • Repairing connectors to chimney/flue
  • Repairing a stove’s finish
  • Fixing/replacing loose or leaking gaskets
  • Adding a hearth pad
  • Adding a grate
  • Installing a wood stove fan to increase your unit’s efficiency

Replacing A Wood-Burning Stove

If you choose to replace rather than restore an old stove, you have some great choices.

The wood-burning stoves being produced these days come with a variety of options and can be incredibly efficient. EPA-certified stoves produce far less smoke and burn fuel a lot more efficiently than older stoves, particularly ones built before 1990. You’ll save fuel, time, and money with one of these efficient units. And whether you want a stove that looks like a traditional cast-iron one or something more sleek and modern, there’s a unit out there that fits your style, and we can help you find it.

If you choose to consider a new unit, our NFI-certified Master Hearth Professionals can help you find the right stove for your space and your style.

Benefits Of A Wood-Burning Appliance

Fuel costs are a constant cause of concern for many of us, and firewood continues to be an affordable, renewable and readily-available option. Free or cheap firewood can be relatively easy to come by; free gas isn’t so common. You’ll also be glad to have that wood appliance when the power goes out in a winter storm because you won’t need electricity to keep your home warm.

Mason’s also carries a variety of hearth supplies, including efficient and economical wood bricks. They offer the ambiance of wood without the work or the bugs. We carry these in packs of 20 or by the pallet.

Wood Is A Great Fuel Choice, But It Isn’t The Only One

If the upkeep involved with your traditional wood-burning appliance is getting you down, you do have a number of other fuel options. Gas can be incredibly convenient — rather than dealing with ash, fire to fire, all you’ll generally need to do is push a button on and off.

Pellet stoves are worth considering, too. These burn pellets largely made of waste sawdust and can bring efficient burning with the enjoyable ambiance of wood.

If you’re curious about your different fuel options, talk to Mason’s Chimney Service’s NFI-certified Master Hearth Professionals. We can go over all the pros and cons and help you find the right unit for your needs.

If you have a wood-burning stove and want to look into all of your options, call Mason’s Chimney Service today to schedule an appointment.


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