Schedule A Chimney Sweeping For The New Year

It’s that time of year again! If you’re like many, you have a list of goals and resolutions for the new year. Well, we’re here to encourage you to add a chimney sweeping to that list! A thorough chimney sweeping may be just what your system needs to work more efficiently and give you the warmth and comfort you’re hoping for in 2019.

Improving Chimney HealthNew years chimney cleaning

One major reason regular sweepings are necessary is to ensure your fireplace and chimney stay in good health all year long. The more creosote and debris you have in your flue, the more damage and deterioration you are bound to see, and these materials can break down your system in a hurry. Keep in mind that damages that are not addressed in a timely manner will only get worse, thus initiating a vicious chain of events when it comes to your chimney’s health.

Creosote is also dangerous in that it is highly flammable and known for being the cause of countless chimney fires every single year. If you experience a chimney fire, your entire structure will need a lot of expensive repair work done before it can be put to use again! Using a system that has undergone a chimney fire can be extremely risky, as your structure is weakened it becomes more prone to house fires and gas leaks.

Worried about build up? Sweepings allow your chimney technicians to remove any twigs, leaves, animal nests, and more from your flue, ensuring your chimney can properly vent out any fumes and vapors. This increases efficiency, and it lowers the chance of carbon monoxide, a deadly and odorless gas, entering your home, as well.

We Have The Experience To Get The Job Done Right

Don’t leave your fireplace and chimney in the hands of an inexperienced, uncertified team. Trust in Mason’s Chimney Service with it all! We are certified with the CSIA and the NFI, and we are members of many reputable organizations, such as the NFPA, the Mid-Atlantic HPBA, and more. We never quit striving to learn more and stay educated, ensuring we stay on top of every new tool, technique, and technological advance that enters the field.

Combine those credentials with over 60 years of experience, and you’ve got yourself a team that you can trust for the long haul. We pride ourselves on being honest, dependable, and hard-working. We won’t quit until your chimney problems are resolved!

Give us a call today, so that we can get started. You deserve to finish off the winter season right with a cozy fireplace to relax by night after night. Putting off maintenance can put you and your home at risk, so don’t hesitate any longer. Our sweeps are ready to hear from you soon!

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Schedule A Cleaning For Santa This Season

You know the drill. Every Christmas Eve Santa swoops down your chimney bearing gifts for you and your loved ones. If you’re like most, you put out cookies and milk for him to enjoy, light up the Christmas tree, then get a good night’s rest, so he can get the job done! These are great steps to take, but it’s also important to ensure your chimney is clean and clear for him to get down easily.

Of course, there are countless other benefits to scheduling that annual sweeping, as well. Learn more below, then give our team at Mason’s Chimney Service a call to get an appointment scheduled. We can fix you up so you’re good to go this Christmas season!

Avoiding Carbon MonoxideSchedule a Cleaning For Santa

One thing a cleaning helps homeowners avoid is dangerous fumes entering their home. Carbon monoxide is one you especially need to be wary of! It has no color or odor, and it is extremely hard to detect. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for it to have negative effects on those exposed. Many get very ill and, if not treated in a timely manner, carbon monoxide can be fatal.

Be wary this holiday season to ensure you stay better protected, no matter what. As we said, a cleaning will do wonders in reducing your risk of gas leaks. Our sweeps will clear out any excess debris, so air can travel properly throughout your system. We also suggest investing in carbon monoxide detectors, so that you’re alerted should any dangerous gases be present.

If you or your loved ones start experiencing common symptoms of exposure, exit your home and contact a doctor right away. Symptoms include nausea, dizziness, headaches, weakness, vomiting, chest pain, and similar issues. Don’t take any chances. Trust in us and always play it safe!

Avoiding Creosote Accumulation

Creosote accumulation is another problem that regular sweepings help homeowners avoid. Creosote forms as fires are burned in the fireplace and it takes on various forms. No matter what type of creosote you have, it’s important to have it removed from time to time. Creosote is very flammable and it can easily cause a chimney fire if too much of it is present.

A chimney fire will cause all types of damage to your chimney in a hurry, weakening the structure and triggering various kinds of deterioration. This means a lot of time-consuming and costly repairs will be necessary before using your fireplace again, which could put a big damper on your holiday plans! Avoid the stress and invest in affordable preventative maintenance now. We can help you every step of the way.

We Offer Unparalleled Customer Care

Our sweepings are thorough, and we use advanced tools and technology throughout it all, guaranteeing your home doesn’t get messy in the process. We’re CSIA trained and certified, so you don’t need to worry about a thing when it comes to keeping your chimney in the best shape possible. If you’re ready to work with the best in Cherry Hill and its surrounding areas, give us a call today.

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