The What, When, Why And How Behind Mason’s Chimney Sweeping

What exactly is chimney sweeping? It’s a more complex process than it sounds.

As you use your fireplace or stove, heat, debris and hot gases make their way up the flue, and its cooler surface causes condensation. The leads to a residue called creosote – it can look and feel flaky, puffy or sticky, but regardless, it’s always highly combustible. That and other debris can build up, creating blockage that makes your chimney work less efficiently, and worse, increasing the chances of a chimney fire.

An experienced, certified chimney sweep will thoroughly clean your entire system, bottom to top, ensuring that you and your family can enjoy a fire without the worry of hazards lurking in the chimney.

technician performing chimney sweep through fireplace

How does the process work?

Our certified chimney sweeps will thoroughly clean your flue with special brushes, using a three-motor, tri-stage HEPA vacuum to remove debris, ash and deposits as we go. The fireplace walls are cleaned by hand with wire brushes, and other brushes are attached to flexible poles to safely and efficiently clean all the way up the flue (controlling dust along the way).

The Chimney Safety Institute of America provides a detailed look into the chimney sweeping process:

At the end of your chimney service, you’ll have a chimney flue, firebox, smoke shelf, smoke chamber, grate and damper that have been thoroughly swept. We’ll also perform a 100-plus-point safety inspection with state-of-the-art video equipment to be sure that your chimney is performing as safely and efficiently as possible.

And don’t let all this talk of ash and debris make you nervous – there will be no mess. Our meticulous process – starting with laying out rug runners and tarps and putting on shoe covers, and continuing as we clean and contain debris with our HEPA vacuum – guarantees a clean process and a clean home.

When should a chimney be swept?

Every year, to make sure your system is as safe and efficient as it should be, your chimney system should be inspected and swept. And don’t forget your boiler and furnace – particulates can build up in the flues venting gas and oil heating appliances too, so those should also be regularly inspected and cleaned.

Why You Should Choose Mason’s

We serve customers in Gloucester, Camden, Salem and Burlington counties, and for more since 1955, our family-owned and -operated business has held true to one overriding goal: We want to provide a level of service from the start that will earn our customers’ trust and loyalty.

Let us take the hassle out of maintaining your chimney system. With our Safer Chimney Program, Mason’s takes the responsibility of remembering your service. We send annual reminders when service is due, and offer priority scheduling and discounts, so you’re ready to enjoy a fire on the first cool night.

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Using our virtual chimney assessment can reveal hidden problems inside your chimney allowing us to fix them before they become even more serious. Schedule this simple chimney service soon.