Chimney System Video Inspection by Certified Sweeps

At Mason’s Chimney Service & Certified Air Duct Cleaning, Inc., we firmly believe that there’s no room for “guessing” when it comes to our customers and their safety. That’s why our chimney inspection process is thorough, exacting, and done with state-of-the-art equipment that won’t let even small cracks hide.

Expertise goes a long way toward a proper chimney inspection, and our certified technicians have that, too. Our company has been in business since 1955, and we’re certified by the Fireplace Investigation Research and Education Service and the Chimney Safety Institute of America, as well as many other industry groups. But even expert eyes can miss small cracks in a flue if they’re relying just on a flashlight and mirror.

technician performing chimney system video inspection through fireplace
Regardless of your chimney’s height, we’ve found that you can’t get the most accurate, full view of a flue without video inspection. We video scan the entire length of your interior chimney flue, and document any areas of concern or safety/compliance issues for future reference. If we find problems, we can show you exactly what we see and recommend repairs.

Over the years, we’ve developed a 100-plus-point safety inspection process that ensures that our customers are enjoying their fireplaces and stoves safely and efficiently. We take pride in our work and we care about our customers.

Why Do I Need A Chimney Inspection?

We’re accustomed to regular maintenance when it comes to many major appliances we rely on regularly, from our cars to our HVAC systems. But since chimneys tend to get used seasonally, they can be overlooked. It’s hugely important to keep up with routine maintenance on your chimney, even if you rarely use your fireplace and stove. Like your car, you’re relying on your chimney’s proper function to keep you safe.

When you light a fire, it’s producing light and warmth, which we all love – but it’s also producing harmful gases and other byproducts and kicking up combustible debris. It’s your chimney’s job to keep all the dangerous stuff away while letting you enjoy the benefits of your fireplace or stove. Cracks and gaps could be allowing harmful carbon monoxide into your home. Creosote buildup may be creating an environment that could lead to a chimney fire. Birds and other animals could be bringing debris into your flue, blocking its ability to function and creating a fire hazard. A cracked chimney crown might be letting water into your flue and degrading your chimney. You need to be aware of your chimney’s state, and an inspection from a certified chimney technician will arm you with the knowledge you need.

When Should I Get A Chimney Inspection?

The National Fire Protection Association 211 standard (Standard for Chimneys, Fireplaces, Vents and Solid Fuel Burning Appliances) states that a professional chimney inspection should be done every year. The Environmental Protection Agency, the National Chimney Sweeping Guild – and many others – recommend an annual inspection as well.

chimney video inspection still image showing large separation and crack in the chimney
It’s the best way to ensure that your chimney system, and your home and family, are safe. And it’s the best way to find problems that need to be repaired while they’re still small, before they become costly headaches.

Join Our Safer Chimney Program

If you’d like to make sure you’re keeping up with annual chimney maintenance without the hassle of remembering, join our Safer Chimney Program. Mason’s will send annual reminders, letting you know when your chimney service is due. We also offer program members priority scheduling and discounts.

To schedule a Chimney System Video Inspection or join the Mason’s Chimney Service Safer Chimney Program, call us today!


If your chimney inspection reveals a need for masonry repairs, rest assured that Mason’s Chimney Service has the skills and experience to perform whatever chimney and fireplace services you need.