Chimney Crown Repair

The outside of your chimney was built with many parts designed to keep water out. Flashing protects against water where your chimney meets the roofline. A chimney cap, installed at the top of your flue, blocks water and snow from dumping directly into it. And your chimney crown, generally made of mortar or concrete, sits atop the chimney masonry, helping to divert precipitation away from the flue. Since all of those parts are taking a constant beating from the elements, it’s not uncommon to see a need for repair at some point.

technician working on crown repair holding paint brush
The chimney crown is playing an important role in protecting your chimney against water damage — particularly given where it’s situated — so crown damage is a serious problem that should be addressed quickly. Cracked crowns can lead to extensive water damage in the chimney and in your home’s interior. But whether your issues are minor or major, Mason’s Chimney Service & Certified Air Duct Cleaning, Inc. can bring your crown back to working like new.

How Do I Know My Chimney Crown Is Damaged?

A Mason’s Chimney Service professional can inspect your chimney and tell you for sure — and if you’re scheduling your annual maintenance, our technicians will find any issues while they’re still small. But there are a few indicators that you might notice on your own in the meantime:

Your chimney’s barriers against water are commonly the places where leaks start. If you have a leak, a Mason’s Chimney Service technician can take a look at your crown and see if it may be the culprit, or a contributor to your problem.

Trust Your Eyes
Do you see a crack in the crown? Is there crumbling mortar visible? If you see something amiss, you’ll want to have a professional take a look as soon as possible.

We’ll Recommend The Right Kind Of Repairs For Your Crown

Every chimney is different, every crown is different, and every repair is different. We’ll thoroughly inspect your chimney crown’s condition and recommend the right repairs. We pride ourselves on a firm belief that technicians should never try to sell you unnecessary services. If we find that a minimal repair can get your crown back to its proper function, that’s what we’ll recommend.

  • Minimal damage/hairline cracks – If your chimney crown is still structurally strong, but shows a few hairline cracks, we may recommend a crown coat repair, using a flexible tripolymer, elastic sealant that is be applied over the entire crown to leave a durable waterproof barrier. Mason’s Chimney Service uses CrownGuard, a great product that permanently bonds to and protects crowns and carries a limited lifetime guarantee.
  • Major cracks/spalling – If we find that your crown has sustained major cracks, or that flaking and chipping (spalling) is present, the best course of action may be to construct a new crown. Mason’s Chimney Service experienced chimney technicians can safely remove your damaged crown and construct one that will both look great and protect your chimney.

If you’re experiencing a leak, or think you might have a damaged chimney crown, call Mason’s Chimney Service & Certified Air Duct Cleaning, Inc., today. We’ll give an honest assessment of your chimney and your options.


Sometimes there are problems with the firebox that call for repairs to be done. Our expertise with masonry repairs and restoration makes this a job for Mason’s Chimney Service.