Fireplaces Maintenance & Installation

There are a variety of reasons that you might be looking at restoring your fireplace — it may be damaged and no longer functioning correctly; its historic beauty might be hidden behind disrepair; former owners might have done some aesthetic work to it that you don’t feel fits with the room or your home.

Whatever’s bothering you about your fireplace, we’re eager to help. Mason’s Chimney Service has been maintaining, repairing, restoring and replacing fireplaces in Gloucester, Camden, Salem and Burlington counties since 1955 — there isn’t a fireplace request that we can’t handle. We’d love to make your fireplace everything you want it to be. From the mantel to the smoke shelf, we’ll bring your fireplace back to life.

Restoring Historic Fireplaces

Do you have a historic fireplace that you find beautiful, but that’s suffering from wear and tear? We can restore it to its former beauty without affecting that timeless look. We have decades of experience working with the materials used in historic fireplaces, and we know how to make the right repairs for look and function.


Is the brick around your fireplace cracking or spalling? Are the mortar joints failing? It probably needs pointing work, and we have the experience to make durable, seamless repairs – with Mason’s your fireplace will look and function like new. The same goes for stucco — it’s a beautiful material, but it takes a steady, experienced hand to make repairs invisible. We pride ourselves on exceeding expectations.

Firebox Problems

It’s not uncommon, particularly with older fireplaces, to see problems with the firebox — since it’s holding the fire itself, and taking on a heavy share of the effects of that heat. We can rebuild a masonry firebox from the bottom up, restoring its original look or bringing in a fresh look with new brick color or design. We can also recommend several beautiful and durable factory-made products to restore your fireplace.

Fireplace Restoration Products We Install And Recommend

  • Bellfires® – If much of your system is intact, refractory castable, fireproof Bellfires® products can be a good choice, making use of your existing flue, smoke chamber and damper.
  • Ahren-Fire Fireplace System – Ahren-Fire units can also be a good choice if your issues center around the firebox. They’re particularly appropriate if your system has a small flue, since they’re constructed in a way that requires much less flue area.
  • Rumford Superior Clay panelized herringbone fireboxes – Using Rumford’s firebox panels, you can have a beautiful and durable, herringbone-style firebox that’s more affordable (and faster to install) than traditional masonry work would be.

If you need fireplace work, call Mason’s Chimney Service and schedule an appointment with our experienced, certified technicians today!


Factory-built fireplaces have their own special requirements. With our years of experience, Mason’s Chimney Service can provide the right performance solution.