Chimney Cap Installation

The chimney cap might look like a small part of your chimney system, but it’s performing a big role in keeping it in top shape.

What Is A Chimney Cap?

Odds are — at least we hope — there is a metal (stainless steel, aluminum or copper) cap installed at the very top of your chimney. Beyond adding a little décor to your chimney, the chimney cap is performing some important functions:

Protection Against Water
We can’t say it often enough: Water is your chimney’s worst enemy – and without a cap on the top of your flue, it’s wide open to rain, snow and other precipitation. Adding a chimney cap helps keep water from coming down into your flue, and can help prevent some of the big damage that the encroachment of water will cause.

Protection Against Animals
We love keeping our pets safe and warm in our homes, but letting unwanted critters set up shop in our chimneys? It can be annoying, and far worse, unsafe. Birds, in particular, can nest in your chimney, and the debris they bring in can block your flue and cause a fire hazard (They tend to also bring a lot of loud chirping). Chimney swifts love to nest in chimneys (hence the name), and these birds are federally protected. That means that, should they nest in your chimney, you’ll have to wait until they leave on their own to assess the damage they’ve caused and try and prevent their return. If you don’t do something to prevent it, they will come back — chimney swifts are known for returning to the same nesting place year after year. Then there are the bugs and smells many animals can bring. Simply stated: Your chimney shouldn’t be a home for animals, and a chimney cap can help keep them from getting in.

Close up of newly installed stainless steel chase cover and chimney cap
Venting Improvement
Part of your chimney’s job is to vent smoke and gases up and out. It needs to have the proper draft to do that right, and a lot of factors can contribute to improper drafting. If drafting issues are present, your Mason’s Chimney Service technician can help you figure out the causes and solutions. Special, properly- installed and -sized chimney caps can improve venting by eliminating wind-induced downdrafts. Ask your Mason’s Chimney Service technician about chimney caps today!

Is your chimney cap damaged? Or is your chimney currently without a cap? Call Mason’s Chimney Service — we can help you find a chimney cap that fits with your chimney and your taste, and install it properly, to last.


A damper that works properly will do wonders for the safe and efficient operation of your fireplace. Ask us about this basic chimney and fireplace installation.