Are you gearing up for nice springtime weather? After a long winter, many are excited to enjoy warm temperatures and sunny days, and we don’t blame them! That being said, there is still something we need to prepare for as we move into a new season – rain. Spring is a notoriously rainy time of year, which is why you need to ensure your chimney masonry is adequately protected. Fortunately for folks throughout the Cherry Hill area, our team of experts is here to help!

umbrella in the rain - cherry hill NJ - mason's chimneyAt Mason’s Chimney Service, we have the products and services necessary to ensure your system stays leak-free and less vulnerable to water-related damages, and our experienced team can set you up right no matter how much work your chimney needs. Give us a call right away to get your next appointment on the books!

The Effects Of Water On Your Chimney

So, why is preventative maintenance so important when it comes to water and your masonry? Well, bricks are quite absorbent, so they easily soak in any moisture they are exposed to. This then causes them to break down and crumble, thus weakening your structure a lot overall. The more cracking and deterioration that occurs, the higher your chances will be of experiencing a settlement or collapse, and dangerous gases, fumes, smoke, and even flames will also be more prone to enter your home.

As you can see, stopping water before it has the chance to wreak havoc on your system is a must! Unfortunately, weakened brickwork and mortar is just the start of it. Too much water throughout your system can also lead to staining, rotting, and mold accumulation, and it will likely cause your metal components to rust, too. Combine this with an increased risk of experiencing clogs and decay throughout your exterior and interior, and you’ve got yourself a time-consuming and expensive mess on your hands!

All About Waterproofing

So, how does waterproofing help protect your chimney? Well, our professionals use specially-formulated products that work to block water from entering, while allowing any pre-absorbed moisture to effectively escape. This is due to their vapor-permeability, and it’s essential for anyone looking to protect their system for years on end! Using paints or store-bought sealers will trap moisture in, which doesn’t resolve your problem at all.

Our waterproofing products don’t leave your chimney with a thick, glossy seal, either. Your system will still look as attractive as ever, equipped with everything necessary to ensure it stays that way for the long haul.

We also offer waterproofing services for your crown. This piece of chimney anatomy helps guide water out and away from the sides of your chimney, and it needs to be in tip-top shape to do its job as effectively as possible. Invest in care from our team to give yourself the years of protection you and your household deserve!

But First… Repairs!

As you can see, investing in waterproofing services is a vital piece of chimney maintenance. That being said, doing it before scheduling necessary repair work won’t benefit you at all. It’s important to ensure everything is in the best shape possible so that leaks and deterioration do not continue to occur down the line. Fortunately, we can help with that, too!

So, what kinds of issues do we find in homes struggling with water damage? Well, a common problem is busted up or rusted flashing. Your flashing is the metal piece that guards the area where the roof and chimney meet. It ensures that this especially vulnerable area doesn’t allow water to enter your home, but if it is broken or incorrectly installed, it won’t end up doing you much good. We can install new flashing, guaranteeing leaks don’t occur and stain your walls and ceilings.

We can also install a new chimney cap. Chimney caps sit over the top of your flue opening, preventing rain, sleet, and snow from simply entering your chimney and creating problems. Along with this, they prevent debris and animals from entering and clogging things up, and they’re even known for blocking downdrafts. All around, they are a great device, and having a strong, sturdy one installed will guarantee you years of protection!

And if your masonry itself is decayed or crumbling, we can help with that, too! Ask us about our restoration or tuckpointing services. We’d be happy to set you up right as soon as possible.

Our CSIA Certified Sweeps Are The Ones To Trust

Here at Mason’s Chimney Service, we are certified with the CSIA, the NFI, and the FIRE, ensuring we have access to all of the knowledge and training necessary to tackle any job that comes across our path. We also have the tools, technology, and manpower to serve our wide customer base, and we take pride in offering in-depth and honest evaluations, too.

No matter what, we want anyone we serve to be completely satisfied, which is why we continue to receive high ratings and positive reviews with every passing year. Ready to work with the best around? Give us a call today – we would love to hear from you!