Factory-Built Fireplace Units

Factory-built fireplace units are hugely popular. According to the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association, around 75 percent of the fireplaces installed each year are factory-built. And they’re popular for a lot of reasons: Factory-built units are designed with efficiency and affordability in mind, and they’re also made to appeal to a variety of homeowners, with units that mimic traditional brick fireplaces and ones that look far more modern. Another big benefit is safety — these all undergo rigorous testing to make sure that they meet industry safety and efficiency standards.

Your factory-built unit can be a long-lasting part of your home with proper maintenance, but just like masonry fireplaces, they can require repair and restoration. And these units are just that: units, built so that each part works specifically with the other parts made for that exact unit. The fireplace and chimney are built and tested together. If problems arise, you’ll need to make the right repairs, with the right parts for the right unit. Mason’s Chimney Service can help.

Refractory Panels

One of the most commonly repaired parts of a factory-built fireplace is its refractory wall panels. These are the panels that make up the walls and floor of your fireplace, and they’re constructed with highly heat-resistant material (and generally made to look like brick). As you use your fireplace over time, it’s possible that the refractory will crack, and the general recommendation is that if cracks wider than the thickness of a nickel exist, you’ll need to replace the refractory panels.

Other commonly repaired and replaced parts in factory-built fireplace units

  • fireplace grates
  • doors
  • gas lighters

If you’re experiencing problems with your unit, give Mason’s Chimney Service a call – we can inspect your fireplace and let you know what’s functioning correctly, what isn’t, and why.

Help Avoid Major Problems With Your Factory-Built Unit

Although factory-built fireplaces are very different in construction from traditional masonry fireplaces, they do share something in common: a need for regular maintenance. You should still have your factory-built unit inspected and swept annually, just like a masonry unit.

Signing up for Mason’s Chimney Service’s Safer Chimney Program can help take the hassle out of making sure that annual service is taken care of. Along with offering discounts and priority scheduling, we’ll send annual reminders to let you know when it’s time to service your chimney and fireplace system.

If you’re having problems with your factory-built fireplace, call Mason’s Chimney Service — we’d love to help get you back to enjoying a safe, efficient fire as soon as possible.


Maintaining your wood-burning stove for peak performance is just one of the performance solutions we’re known for at Mason’s Chimney Service. Check it out for yourself and give us a try!