Free-Standing Wood-Burning Stoves & Inserts

There’s a unique charm to wood-burning stoves that draws us back to simpler times. But the great thing about today’s wood-burning stoves is that the charm remains, but inefficiency and waste are long gone.

Stove manufacturers have put decades of research into creating modern units that are highly durable and airtight, allowing the free-standing units to be placed safely in almost any room or space. They’re highly fuel efficient, requiring less firewood to produce bright, warm fires that need much less tending and leave much less ash. And smoke? These aren’t those old, smoky stoves you remember — you’ll see almost no smoke with modern units (Wood stoves sold in the United States must be certified by the Environmental Protection Agency, ensuring that smoke is minimized).

If you love the look of a free-standing stove, talk with one of Mason’s Chimney Service’s NFI-certified Master Hearth Professionals — we’ll tell you all about the different wood-burning stove and insert options available today, and help you find an appliance that meets your wants and needs.

Traditional And Cozy Or Sleek And Modern: You Have Choices

If you want a wood-burning stove that mimics the black, cast-iron look of those you might see in a historic home, there are units available that offer a picture-perfect, traditional look with all the modern, functional improvements. But you’re certainly not limited to the look of a traditional stove. If your tastes lean more towards modern design, you can find a sleek, minimal, steel unit with wrap-around glass that allows for a beautiful view of your fire. Bold colors, compact or large units — our Master Hearth Professionals can help you find exactly what you want.

Need To Renew An Old Stove? Consider An Insert

Inserts are a great choice for homes with existing appliances that need a functional overhaul. These are retrofitted into the existing unit, and also come with a variety of looks and function options. Have one of our Master Hearth Professionals go over the pros and cons — an insert might be just what you need.

As With A Fireplace, Maintenance Is Key

In order to ensure that your home and family are safe as you use any heating appliance, you need to keep up with regular maintenance. Like other heating appliances, it’s recommended that you have annual stove inspections and routine cleanings by licensed, CSIA-certified professionals. After your installation, your Mason’s Chimney Service technicians can talk to you about our Safer Chimney Program — it’ll remove the guesswork from the regular maintenance of your unit. We’ll remind you when service is due (plus, members receive discounts!).

Thinking about adding a wood-burning stove or insert to your home? Let Mason’s Chimney Service find and install the right unit for you. Call and make an appointment with one of our Master Hearth Professionals!


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