Mason’s Chimney Service Can Help You Find & Install the Right Chase Cover

If you have a factory-built fireplace and chimney system, you should have a chase cover at the top of your chase. It performs a function much like that of a chimney crown on a masonry chimney and protects it against rain, snow, sleet, ice, and other unfriendly elements. A quality chase cover can last up to a lifetime depending on proper maintenance and the material it is made of. However, substandard maintenance and neglect can quickly shorten its lifespan, leaving your chimney system vulnerable to water damage.

When you need to have your chase cover replaced, turn to the Mason’s Chimney Service team. Our certified technicians can go over your different options, help you find the right product, and install it properly and efficiently.

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What Materials Are Chase Covers Made Of?

The materials that a chase cover is made of will vary – you’ll routinely see galvanized metal, stainless steel, and copper. Each material has its benefits and drawbacks.

  • Galvanized metal. Particularly cost-conscious homeowners commonly choose galvanized metal, as it’s an affordable material. On average, you can expect a galvanized metal chase cover to last between five and 15 years before you’ll need to explore a replacement. Unfortunately, we most often get calls about chase cover damage with galvanized metal products. The durability of galvanized metal chase covers can vary, but since that material is susceptible to rust and corrosion, it is possible to see problems in as few as five years.
  • Stainless steel. We’re all well aware of the resilience of stainless steel and that’s why it’s such a popular material for everything from household appliances to chimney flue liners. It is a bit more costly than galvanized metal, but it has some definite advantages – including the fact that it’s not susceptible to rust in the way galvanized metal is.
  • Copper. If looks and function are both at the top of your wishlist, a copper chase cover might be perfect for you. Copper is a highly durable material that you can expect to last 20 or more years with quality care. As an added bonus for the style-savvy homeowner, over time the copper develops a colorful patina that can add a striking look to your home.

How Will I Know That I Need a New Chase Cover?

Rust will probably give you the earliest indicator of a problem with your galvanized metal chase cover as streaks will form and run down the cover. This can happen because of the way it was installed. Improper installation might let water pool on the cover, gradually corroding it, or holes from screws and nails could let water breach too. But you should see those rust streaks as a big, colorful warning that water is likely getting into your system and could be causing damage to your fireplace and home.

Other than rust, there are some other signs you can keep an eye out for:

  • Visible damage. When you can see warping, dents, or splitting on the chase cover, you should schedule an inspection with Mason’s Chimney Service right away.
  • Leaking water. If your chimney springs a leak, it could be due to several issues. A compromised chase cover could be the culprit.
  • Animals can get in. If you find evidence of animals inside your chimney, there is a good chance that the chimney chase cover is damaged or it may even be missing completely.
  • The smoke isn’t venting properly. A damaged chimney chase cover can lead to poor airflow which will force the smoke to back up into your home when you’re using the fireplace or wood stove.

Mason’s Chimney Service Can Help With All Your Factory-Made Fireplace Needs

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When It’s Time for a New Chase Cover, Reach out to Us

Do you need a new chase cover? Worrying about water and critters damaging your chimney? Let us help you ease your anxiety by installing a new chase cover. Reach out to Mason’s Chimney Service today! We’d love to help bring your factory-built unit back to its former glory. Call us at 800-559-6276 or schedule an appointment online now.


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