Homeowner’s Insurance Claims & Damage Evaluations

If you’ve experienced a chimney fire or have had major chimney damage due to a weather incident or earthquake, your repairs, restoration, or rebuild may be covered by your insurance. Most homeowner’s insurance policies will cover damage resulting from fire, wind, lightning or earthquakes. To determine the extent of your damage and whether or not your insurance will cover it, you’ll need to have a certified and licensed chimney technician inspect your system and report their findings.

Mason’s Chimney Service technicians have decades of experience conducting thorough and well-documented inspections and can offer an honest, accurate assessment of your damage. Our inspections are all-inclusive and meticulously conducted, ensuring that no area of the chimney system is left out. We work hard to provide you with as much information as possible so that you and your insurance company have all of the details necessary to take the next step.

What You Can Do

If you’ve had a chimney fire or have experienced severe weather damage, start by documenting all the information you can. Note the date and time you discovered the problem, and what you saw. This documentation can help us in our inspection, and may also be helpful to your insurance company.

What Mason’s Chimney Service Can Do For You

Mason’s Chimney Service can perform a thorough inspection and full video scan of your entire chimney system, providing documented representation of your damage and a professional evaluation of its cause. Our intensive inspections are guaranteed to give you a comprehensive picture of your chimney system’s condition, so that the insurance claim process is a little bit easier for you.

Why Your Claim May Not Be Covered

If it turns out that your fire or damage was the result of improper construction or deferred maintenance — like a clogged flue or spalling masonry — your insurance company likely won’t cover the claim.

To protect yourself from claim rejections, be sure to schedule regular chimney system inspections and sweepings. Mason’s Chimney Service’s Safer Chimney Program can be a big help there — we’ll send annual reminders to alert you of service that’s coming due and take the hassle of remembering off of your plate. Members also receive discounts and priority scheduling.

If you have filed or will be filing an insurance claim in the near future, call Mason’s Chimney Service — we’ll thoroughly and honestly assess your chimney damage to help make your life a little bit easier.


When buying or selling a home, you’ll need a real estate chimney certification to be sure the system is safe. The experts at Mason’s Chimney Service will use their professional chimney video scan to pinpoint any problems and suggest any needed repairs.