When it comes to building strong, long-lasting fires this fall and winter, having a strong and reliable chimney is essential. Because of this, it’s important to invest in regular masonry repairs and maintenance. If your chimney is showing signs of deterioration, don’t hesitate to get our team on the job. Summertime is an ideal time to call and address masonry repairs – big or small!

Beat The Rush

sweep climbing up ladderWhy is now a good time to invest in care from our team? For one thing, you’ll beat the fall rush. Once temperatures start to drop, we get calls from homeowners all over our service area looking to schedule repairs, inspections, and sweepings. As you can imagine, our appointment book fills up fast!

Putting off repairs until later in the year may leave you without a working fireplace for the holiday season. This is definitely not ideal, as a crackling fire can set a perfect mood for snowy nights in or festive family get-togethers. Let us tackle any cracks, holes, or gaps now, so you’re good to go on that first chilly evening.

Getting Better Results

Repairs done in warmer weather often last longer, as well. Why? Well, the materials we use need to cure in weather that isn’t rainy, snowy, or cold, which makes the summer months the best time for sweeps. If you want to guarantee the best results possible, then the time to invest in your masonry repairs is now.

No Weather Delays

Warmer days mean better results, and it also means fewer delays. If you want your repairs addressed as quickly as possible, then summertime will yield fewer delays than the cold, icy days of winter. No more rearranging appointments and no more putting off the start of your burning season. You’ll be good to go when the mood for a fire strikes!

Stay Prepared For Rain, Sleet & Snow

Water and excess moisture can cause a lot of damage to your masonry chimney over time, so you must do your best to have adequate protection against the elements. We can patch things up, and we can also provide you with a waterproof seal to ensure your system won’t face further damage. Getting this done now will minimize your risk of issues later, making it a well worthwhile investment for any fireplace owner!

Why We’re The Best

Why is the team at Mason’s Chimney Service the crew to trust with all of your masonry repairs and rebuilds? Well, we’ve been serving the Cherry Hill area since 1955, and our customer reviews speak for themselves. Countless homeowners have been satisfied with the services we provide, and our extensive experience combined with certifications from the CSIA and the NFI, ensure we know our stuff. We’re ready to serve you, contact our team today!