One of the most difficult parts of chimney upkeep can be protecting your chimney against the elements. Because it is constantly exposed to sun, wind, rain, and temperature fluctuations, chimney masonry is at a higher risk or damage and deterioration.

Preventative maintenance is often the best way to protect your chimney system from damage caused by the elements. When it comes to keeping moisture from damaging your masonry, nothing can protect it better than waterproofing.

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What is waterproofing?

During the waterproofing process, specially designed sealants are applied to your chimney’s masonry to create a protective layer against moisture. Having your chimney waterproofed can protect it against water damage as well as help prevent further deterioration of damaged areas.

As water is one of the most damaging forces to any masonry structure, waterproofing is one form of preventative maintenance that can help protect your bricks and mortar against the elements. Having your chimney waterproofed can often help save you money in the long run on expensive masonry repairs, especially if your chimney has already begun to show signs of water damage.

Is waterproofing the same as painting?

Many homeowners mistakenly believe that having the chimney waterproofed is the same as having it painted. While both involve applying a product to the chimney, the results couldn’t be more different. Most paints are not vapor permeable; this means that when applied to masonry, any moisture in the bricks and mortar becomes trapped within. If your chimney has already been painted, bubbling or flaking paint are often a sign that there is water trapped beneath the paint inside the masonry that has been causing unseen damage.

Chimney waterproofing products, on the other hand, are designed specifically for use on indoor and outdoor masonry. These products create a semi-permeable barrier, allowing trapped water to evaporate without letting new water in. This protects your masonry without the risk of unseen water damage occurring.

Our waterproofing products

At Mason’s Chimney Service, we are proud to carry and use high quality masonry waterproofing products.

  • CrownGuard: Firesafe’s CrownGuard water repellant is made to withstand the worst that Mother Nature has to offer. With more than 25 years of keeping chimneys safe from water damage, CrownGuard forms a vapor permeable layer between your masonry and water from rain, ice, and snow.
  • CrownCoat: Bricks and mortar aren’t the only parts of your chimney at risk of water damage; chimney crowns or washes can also be damaged by long term exposure to the elements. The CrownCoat products are waterproof sealants specifically designed for use on the concrete of chimney crowns. Likewise, CrownCoat comes with a 15 year warranty against water intrusion!Don’t let water ruin your chimney; instead, keep your masonry looking beautiful for years to come by having your chimney waterproofed. Contact Mason’s Chimney Service today for more information on what our waterproofing services can do to protect your chimney.