Eliminating Soot & Creosote From Your Chimney

A wood-burning fireplace adds an unbeatable ambiance and warmth to any living space, which is why countless families love to cozy up by them night after night. Mason’s Chimney Service is passionate about ensuring fireplaces all throughout the Cherry Hill area are functioning well and running as efficiently as possible with every passing year. When you invest in services from us, you can rest easy knowing your system is in the best hands possible!

One issue we address fairly often is creosote buildup. While fireplace owners can’t avoid the accumulation of this flammable substance, they can call us in to ensure it gets removed from time to time. Scheduling this regular maintenance helps keep your fireplace in the best shape possible, and it keeps your home and family safer, too. If you’re due for your annual sweeping, give our qualified staff a call today!

Dangers Of Creosote

If creosote is given the opportunity to build up inside of your chimney, you’re going to wind up facing a lot of big issues down the line. One of these issues is deterioration and crumbling. When debris accumulates, it breaks down your chimney parts faster, thus shortening the lifespan of your fireplace. Also, if cracks or holes are present, your system will be unsafe for regular use.

Creosote also greatly increases your risk for chimney fires. It’s highly flammable and, the more you have of it, the more dangerous it becomes. When chimney fires occur, your liner, masonry, and interior chimney parts all become damaged, and they all must be repaired before you put your fireplace to use again. These damages create open pathways for flames and smoke to escape into your home, so calling in a CSIA certified professional to check things over right away is vital!

Also, keep in mind that, more often than not, chimney fires occur without the homeowner ever realizing it. That means countless families could be using their fireplace, not knowing that serious damages are present! This is a scary situation, and it further emphasizes the need for regular inspections and maintenance.

Do your best to avoid costly repairs and dangerous situations by scheduling inspections at least once a year. Also, be sure to call your chimney technician in should you suspect a malfunction within your fireplace system. By taking precautionary measures beforehand, you could save yourself a lot of stress down the line!

We’re Ready To Help You Out

If you’re ready to ensure your chimney is clean and ready to go for the cold months ahead, give our team a call now. We are trained in all things chimney and, with over 60 years of experience under our belts, you can rest easy knowing we’ve got you covered no matter what. Pick up the phone today, so we can work together to make your fireplace great!

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A Fireplace Inspection for the New Year

At Mason’s Chimney Service, we think one of the best ways to kick off a new year is by scheduling a chimney inspection! It’s a great way to give yourself some peace of mind this winter and it helps ensure your system stays in tip-top shape all season long… and at a time when extra heat is always welcome, we’re sure you’ll want to put your fireplace to use night after night!

Why It’s So Important

When the smoke rises up through your chimney, it needs a place to escape. If this place is blocked by debris, creosote, or other materials, smoke and other fumes will circle back and enter your home – definitely not ideal!

This is one reason why inspections are so important. Our sweeps are trained to find blockages and clogs, and we can remove them fast and efficiently, so you won’t have to worry about smoke stinking up your home or affecting the health of loved ones.

Another important part of your chimney’s anatomy is the liner. The liner works by protecting your masonry and enabling draft to flow through the chimney and escape outside. It also prevents excess heat from melting mortar and causing your brickwork to crack, and it protects your home from catching any stray flames or intense heat, too.

If your liner is cracked or improperly fitted, our experts will point it out and let you know of possible solutions. We are trained to reline chimneys, as needed, and we will fix up any cracks or other damages that we find so that you don’t have to worry about your system’s performance anytime soon.

Finally, let’s focus on the presence of creosote. While this substance is impossible to avoid, we can ensure it doesn’t build up and start wreaking havoc on your chimney’s interior parts. Creosote is highly flammable, and when it accumulates, it can trigger a chimney fire fairly easily. Along with this, creosote encourages deterioration and clogs to form, so all in all, it’s something you definitely don’t want to accumulate.

Our team will get rid of your creosote, no matter how advanced it is. We can address even the worst cases, and we will make sure your system is cleared out so that you’re good to go for the rest of the winter. Why wait? Call on our team of experts, and we’ll get you taken care of right away!

Why Depend On Us?

We’ve been serving homes in the area for over 60 years, and our dedication and commitment is made obvious by our countless 5-star reviews. Along with this, we continue to maintain and earn certifications year after year from highly esteemed organizations, such as the Chimney Safety Institute of America, the National Fireplace Institute, and more. There’s no doubt about it… If you need chimney care, we’re the chimney techs to contact!

Visit us online or call today for more information about all that we can offer you. We can’t wait to help you make 2018 the best year yet!

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