Have A Clean Chimney For Santa

If you and your household are preparing for Santa’s arrival this Christmas, we urge you to make sure your chimney is clean and ready to go. After all, you don’t want to be responsible for soot stains on Saint Nick’s suit! At Mason’s Chimney Service, we can inspect and sweep your chimney. Let’s work together make our holiday season as safe and festive as possible. Give our qualified staff a call today!

Importance Of Removing Creosote

One of the main reasons chimney sweepings are so important is for the removal of creosote. Creosote is bad for your chimney’s health and having it cleaned out on a regular basis will ensure your system runs safer and more efficiently year after year. Fortunately, we have the tools, products, and expertise necessary for removing all types of creosote! Whether it is crumbly and flaky, sticky and tar-like, or glazed and hard, we can get you taken care of.

One of the ways creosote causes problems is by starting chimney fires. It’s very flammable and, when a lot of it accumulates, your chimney is in danger every time you use your fireplace. Chimney fires damage the structure of your chimney by melting mortar and weakening the brickwork. This leaves holes and cracks throughout your system, which invites stray flames, smoke, and harmful toxins to escape into your home. It’s clear that creosote can put your home in a very vulnerable position!

Luckily, we have the know-how to ensure your fireplace is safer for use throughout the entire holiday season. Trust in our experts today – it’s a choice you won’t regret!

Removing All Blockages

Another factor that is essential for proper fireplace functioning is good airflow. Animals like to make homes for themselves in chimneys to stay protected from strong winds and bad weather. When they set up camp, they bring in all kinds of twigs, leaves, dirt, and other debris, all of which causes clogs and backs things up. When smoke and toxins can’t escape, they sit in your chimney, which leads to creosote accumulation and toxins pouring into your living room – definitely not ideal!

We will make sure nothing is blocking up your chimney, so that you can use it with ease this holiday season. Don’t let a smoky living room ruin your next get-together or family event. Schedule an appointment with us, so that we can address these issues before it’s too late! We can also install or repair your chimney cap, if necessary, so that debris won’t be piling into your chimney in the future.

Call Us Now!

As you can imagine, this time of year we tend to get pretty busy. Schedule an appointment with us now, so that you can rest easy knowing your fireplace is swept and ready for regular use. We can’t wait to hear from you soon!

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Reduce Fire Hazards This Winter

The holidays are wrapping up, but winter is still here. As you tear down decorations and get back to your normal routine, you’ll adjust to continuously dropping temperatures. So, now you will want to take some time to ensure your home is safe from potential fires. There are a lot of things that heighten the risk of house fires during these winter months! Now it’s time to educate yourself on the following tips, so you can stay alert.

Be Cautious With Decorations

Decorating for the season is a great way to boost spirits throughout these frigid months. If you still have Christmas or other winter-themed décor up, be wary of where it is place in regards to your fireplace. You will also want to exercise caution when lighting candles. Never place these close to the Christmas tree or near anything flammable. Also, be sure to put out any fires before leaving the area or going to bed.

Still have your Christmas tree up? As it dries, it will become more and more flammable, so be sure to dispose of it in a timely manner. Once it is down, remember that you should never attempt to burn it in the fireplace. The sap from pine trees cause creosote to build up, thus making your fireplace more susceptible to a chimney fire. Pine should only be burned after being properly dried out, which would takes years.

Burn Carefully

When you go to burn wood in your fireplace, use only seasoned wood. Seasoned wood consists of logs that have dried out for at least six months. Burning fresh wood causes creosote accumulation. This causes smoke back-up, harmful toxins in your air, and it simply will not burn very efficiently.

Also, keep in mind that no garbage should be thrown into the fire. If you still have a holiday party or two to host, never throw leftover paper plates, cups, or silverware into the fireplace. This goes for wrapping paper, boxes, and other similar items, too! All of these things will burn fast and produce way too much heat. Stick to firewood when you go to light your next fire. This way you can rest easy knowing your family is safe.

Beware Of Carbon Monoxide

If your chimney is not venting properly, you may face a lot of harmful issues. During a time when your fireplace is put to more frequent use, it is more important than ever to ensure all parts are running efficiently. One of the more worrisome problems is carbon monoxide poisoning.

Carbon monoxide is colorless, odorless, and has no obvious smell making it very difficult to detect. Have a carbon monoxide detector installed in your home today. This is so you have adequate warning should this gas be present in your home. If the alarm goes off, exit the premises as soon as possible! Immediately call in professional help and watch for signs of sickness in family members.

Call Mason’s Chimney Service Today!

Call on us for all of your chimney and fireplace-related needs. We want to help you stay as safe as possible this winter. We look forward to working with you!

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