Investing in chimney waterproofing is an easy and effective way to ensure your chimney stays protected. This is a service that is highly recommended by sweeps everywhere. Even the CSIA encourages having it done to help seal and protect your brickwork.Waterproofing your chimney - Cherry Hill NJ - Mason's Chimney Service

If you’re ready to learn more about this process and how it positively impacts the health of your chimney system, read below.

Preventing Leaks

The main purpose of waterproofing is to prevent leaks and other types of water damage. When water gets absorbed into your brickwork, you’ll start noticing issues such as rot, rust, clogs, deterioration, cracks, holes, and more. All of these things very negatively impact the health of your entire system, and essentially make the chimney unsuitable for regular use.

Water damage also leaves your chimney vulnerable to the freeze/thaw process. This is what happens when water that’s been absorbed freezes and expands in cold temperatures. When it gets bigger it puts pressure on your brickwork, causing it to expand along with it. When temperatures go back up, the ice melts, and your chimney settles. This whole process really takes it’s toll on the structure!

Waterproofing provides a breathable shield for your masonry, so that vapors can still be vented out, but nothing else can get in. It’s a great step to take to keep your chimney protected year after year.

Before We Start

Before getting started on a waterproofing job, we first need to address the current state of your fireplace. All necessary repairs need to be done before we can apply any protective coating. Getting everything in the best possible condition will only ensure your chimney stays stronger than ever throughout time.

Addressing repairs also ensures that we won’t have to redo the waterproofing job after discovering that something needs to be replaced. We want to leave your entire system totally protected, so that you don’t have to worry about anything for a long time.

Waterproofing Your Chimney

Once the repairs are completed, we can get started. At Mason’s Chimney Service, we only use the best for our loyal customer base. That’s why we use and promote Firesafe’s CrownGuard Water Repellant, which we have found to be incredibly durable and reliable throughout our decades in the industry.

We also provide a sealant for your chimney crown, so it functions well for you, too. Again, we only use the best and we take pride in providing the best results for your home. Chimney crowns play an important role in your chimney’s structure and they help prevent water damage, too. Adding a seal will give you that extra layer of protection that you’re looking for.

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