Your chimney and fireplace are made of a lot of different parts. All these parts need to work together to get the maximum heat and efficiency you deserve from your fireplace. To ensure all these pieces are functioning well and in top condition, the team here at Mason’s Chimney Service is ready and here to help!

One thing we urge homeowners to do is invest in an inspection. In fact, the CSIA recommends scheduling at least one inspection per year to ensure everything is in tip-top shape before your next burning season. Our sweeps are trained and certified, and we’ll be able to inform you of any further services you may need. One part of your chimney that requires on a lot of work and wear and tear is the firebox. Learn more about its role below, then contact us today to ensure your fireplace is ready to go for the fall season ahead!

About The Firebox

Have Your Firebox Repaired Now, Before Fall - Cherry Hill NJ - Mason's Chimney ServiceThe firebox is where the fires burn in your fireplace. Whether you have a wood-burning unit or a gas-fueled one, the firebox plays a big role. It sets the stage for your evening fires and takes on a lot of heat in the process. No matter how great of a shape you think your firebox is in, over time it will likely need repair work.

A damaged firebox needs to be addressed promptly, as cracks and holes in the structure can lead to dangerous situations. These open pathways give smoke, fumes, flames, and heat the opportunity to reach your living space, significantly increasing your risk of house fires and exposure to carbon monoxide. Both of these situations are serious and dangerous!

We Offer Firebox Repairs

As you can see, ensuring your firebox is in prime condition before fall arrives is extremely important. We offer various options for repairing your firebox before the start of burning season. We also specialize in pointing, joint repair, and rebuilds, and we can even add units, so everything is ready for use when temperatures drop again.

Call our professionals today to discuss your options, and we’ll set up an appointment now. After all, what’s fall and winter without a crackling fire to set the mood? Get in touch with our staff soon to guarantee a safe and comfortable fireplace in your home.