Chimney crowns serve an important purpose for your chimney, and they need to be in good shape in order to function properly. If your crown is in need of repair, give Mason’s Chimney Service a call right away. Our professionals have everything you need to get the job done fast! Learn more about the function of your chimney crown below.Function Of A Chimney Crown - Cherry Hill NJ - Mason's Chimney Service

What Is The Crown?

Your chimney crown sits at the top of your chimney and it is typically made from mortar or concrete. A correctly built crown will have sloped sides and will overhang past the chimney a bit. Due to it’s location and important role of protecting your chimney, your crown ends up facing a lot of wear and tear over the years. This means that cracks, holes, and other forms of deterioration are not uncommon.

What Is The Crown’s Purpose?

The reason why chimney crowns are so necessary is due to their ability to ward water away from your brickwork. Water can cause some serious damage and decay to a chimney, so doing all you can to keep it away will be very beneficial for you down the line – and preventative action now will save you a lot of money, time, and stress in the future!

The sloped construction and overhanging edges of the crown direct water away from the sides of your chimney. The less your masonry is exposed to moisture, the better! The crown also helps to cover the top of your chimney, meaning water, debris, nesting materials, and similar items has less of a chance of entering and causing damage.

My Crown Is Cracked! Now What?

If you notice cracks in your crown, it’s important to get them addressed as soon as possible. It’s typical for this type of damage to occur every now and then and it’s definitely fixable, but the sooner you face the issue, the better off you’ll be! And at Mason’s Chimney Service, we will be straightforward with you about what’s best for your system.

Whether it’s minimal damage or something more extreme, our technicians are trained to help you out! Thanks to our CSIA certifications and extensive experience with fireplaces throughout the area, we are confident that we can be of assistance, no matter what. And with Fall coming up fast, you won’t want to waste any time!

Now Is The Time To Call!

If you need any type of services (repairs, inspections, cleanings, etc.), then now is the time to call! Beat the fall and winter rush and have our staff get you in while the weather is still nice. You’ll be good to go in no time!

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