Your chimney is an important part of your home. Keeping it in good condition can help your whole home look and stay beautiful. Unfortunately, damaged masonry can negatively impact your home’s curb appeal.

At Mason’s Chimney Service, we are able to handle all aspects of your fireplace and chimney maintenance. This includes masonry repairs! Keeping your masonry in good condition not only keeps your home looking beautiful, but also extends the life of your fireplace and chimney.


How masonry gets damaged

The most common cause of masonry damage is water. Water can have a negative impact on your entire chimney system, affecting everything from the flue to the firebox as well as surrounding building materials.

Masonry can also be damaged from years of wear and tear and exposure to the elements. Settling and storm damage can also cause masonry to crack or break. Likewise, older masonry is more likely to be damaged if it has not been properly maintained over the years.

Kinds of masonry repairs

We are proud to offer a variety of masonry services that will keep your fireplace and chimney structurally sound as well as looking beautiful.

Crown Repair: The chimney crown seals the top of the chimney around the flue and protects the entire chimney from water and moisture damage. If the crown is damaged or improperly built, chimney leaks and masonry damage can occur.

Firebox Repair: Firebox damage can be caused by a number of reasons including water damage from a chimney leak or the house settling. A damaged firebox means unsafe fires; if your firebox is cracked or damaged, it should be repaired as soon as possible.

Fireplace Restoration: Whether your older home’s fireplace and chimney are no longer up to code or you want to completely revamp the look of your fireplace, we can do it all! Our total fireplace restoration can create an entirely new fireplace that is designed to be both functional and beautiful.

Tuckpointing: The mortar joints of your chimney may deteriorate faster than the surrounding bricks. If this happens, the tuckpointing process can be used to repair the mortar without affecting any of the other masonry. Our tuckpointing process seamlessly blends the new mortar with the existing masonry, leaving behind a beautiful and strong repair that will last for years to come,

Why choose us

Not all chimney sweep companies have the necessary experience or expertise co correctly make masonry repairs. Most regular chimney sweeps are not qualified to make masonry repairs; an inexperienced mason or builder may make repairs that do not solve the underlying issues that are causing the damage. Likewise, their repairs may not blend or fit in with the existing masonry on the rest of the chimney.

At Mason’s Chimney Service, we specialize in masonry repairs. For more than 55 years we have been providing high quality masonry services that are both functional and beautiful. Our skilled masons have the ability to not just make sure your repair is completed safely, but can also ensure that it seamlessly blends with the surrounding masonry.

If your fireplace or chimney is need of masonry repairs, don’t wait to get it repaired. Call Mason’s Chimney Service today to schedule your masonry repair appointment!