If you own a fireplace, you have likely heard of creosote sweeping logs. Many homeowners are curious about these products and find themselves wondering just how exactly they work. Well, we are here to help you out! At Mason’s Chimney Service, we know all things chimney, which is why we are depended on by countless homeowners all throughout the area.Using Creosote Sweeping Logs - Cherry Hill NJ - Mason's Chimney

What Are CSLs?

So, what exactly is a chimney sweeping log? A CSL is a product you can burn in your fireplace to help ensure a cleaner appliance throughout the burning season. It works by breaking down creosote and other hazardous materials, and it has been approved by the CSIA. However, you must use it correctly.

It can make a difference in your fireplace’s overall functionality, and many homeowners love using them as an extra measure that helps keep their chimney clean and safe all year long.

How Does It Work?

A chimney sweeping log helps turn hard, sticky, and tar-like creosote into a flaky substance. The substance allows creosote to simply falls to your fireplace floor. This lessens your risk of build-up, thus minimizing the chances of a chimney fire occurring. It also helps your certified chimney sweep remove creosote more thoroughly and swiftly.

Many people wonder if these products do the same thing a professional chimney sweep does. The answer to this is no, but they can improve the health of your chimney, and most businesses won’t discourage the use of them in your fireplace.

Do I Still Need A Professional Cleaning?

Yes. Many mistakenly believe that a chimney sweeping log can replace an annual sweeping and inspection. This is not the case! Chimney sweeping logs help break materials down. They can make your sweeps job easier and more thorough, but there is a lot more to a chimney sweeping than the removal of creosote.

Sweeps examine your chimney for necessary repairs. In addition, they remove animals nests, leaves, twigs, and anything else that could cause blockages. Sweeps will alert you to any immediate danger signs and suggest and apply products that can keep you chimney protected.  All in all, there is nothing safer than a professional inspection and cleaning, and the CSIA recommends getting these done at least once per year, no matter what other products you are using.

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