Chimney dampers are no doubt an important asset to your chimney system. They help keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. In addition, they keep you free from any annoying downdrafts. They also play a role in keeping out rain, snow, and other types of bad weather. Also, when your fireplace is in use, they can aid in controlling the intensity of the flames.

Their multi-purpose functionality makes them a vital piece of your chimney’s construction. This is why it’s important to address any possible malfunctions right away. At Mason’s Chimney Service, we can help! Whether you need your current chimney damper fixed up or a new one installed, we have the tools to get the job done right.Throat Dampers VS Top End Dampers - Cherry Hill NJ - Mason's Chimney

Differences In Dampers

There are two main types of dampers available for use: throat dampers and top-end dampers. Noting the differences between the two is important when picking out a new model for your home. Check out some information below!

Let’s start with throat dampers. Most older chimneys come with a throat damper. They can do a good job in keeping cold air out of the home. Plus, they are easy to control with a knob near the opening of your fireplace. These devices have done a fine job keeping homes protected over the years. Yet, as newer models come on the market, the downsides of throat dampers are becoming more obvious.

One of the negative side effects of owning a throat damper? These models are more prone to rust or corrode. When this occurs, you’re going to face some drafting issues. Along with this, if too much debris has built up, your throat damper could get stuck, making your fireplace unsuitable for use until the problem is resolved. To top it off, throat dampers will not effectively keep leaves and other debris from piling up inside of your chimney flue.

On the other hand, top-end dampers are installed at the top of your chimney, so no outdoor materials will find their way into your system anytime soon. Top-end dampers also come with a rubber gasket to keep your chimney safely sealed and protected from any outdoor elements.

When it comes to energy savings, top-end dampers are definitely the way to go. They are much more efficient at keeping cold air out during the winter and cool air in during the summer, meaning your energy bills will stay lower all year long.

Let Us Check Things Out

If you are having damper issues, the staff at Mason’s can help you out fast. Call us now, while the weather is still ideal for getting newer and better-working products installed. And we can tackle any other necessary repairs while we’re at it! Whether you need tuckpointing services, waterproofing done, a new chimney cap installed, or something else, we are certain we can help you out.

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