Fall is right around the corner! This means you still have time to get your chimney sweeping before the busy season kicks off. With hot days and sunny weather still among us, chimney care is likely the last thing on your mind, but we urge you to get on the phone with our sweeps right away. Avoid the fall rush, and get an appointment with us now!

Make Your Life Easier

Schedule An Early Chimney Sweeping - Cherry Hill NJ - Mason's Chimney ServiceFirst, schedule your sweeping, inspection, and other maintenance early makes mapping out your schedule easier. As we’ve mentioned, our fall season is the busiest, so it’s not always a simple to fit everyone in. Sometimes, inspections and sweepings give us the opportunity to spot necessary repairs before the burning season kicks off. If these issues aren’t noted until later, you’ll be forced to put off your cozy evenings by the fire even longer! Ensure your fall and winter is enjoyed in front of cozy fires by setting up an appointment with our team right now.

Avoid Dangerous Situations

An not maintained chimney is likely filled with a lot of creosote. Creosote is a substance that builds up as fires are burned in your wood-burning fireplace, and it comes in all forms: flaky and light, sticky and tar-like, or hard, shiny and glazed. Creosote is highly flammable, so the more you have, the higher your risk is for a chimney fire. Chimney fires cause extensive damage to your chimney’s interior, making it unsafe and unsuitable for use. Addressing these repairs takes a lot of time and money and inconveniences the homeowners.

We hate to see our customers with this type of damage, especially before the holidays kick off. Along with this, many people experience chimney fires without even realizing it! Some are loud and obvious, but most are actually very unnoticeable. If you light your fireplace without realizing your chimney needs serious work, you could be putting your entire home and family at risk. Your weakened structure is more prone to let stray flames through, potentially triggering a house fire. The chance of carbon monoxide exposure increases significantly.

Annual Chimney Sweeping is a Must!

By getting your chimney sweeping now, you make an important step towards making your burning season safer. If excess creosote is present in your system, then a sweeping must be done before lighting any fires. Let us take care of it all now, so you know you’re good to go when temperatures drop.

The CSIA certified team at Mason’s Chimney Service is here for you! We’ve been to countless homes throughout our services areas, and we’re ready to help you. It’s not worth taking any chances, so schedule an appointment with us today!