Looking for an efficient way to stay warm this holiday season? Consider upgrading your current fireplace! Remodeling is a great way to kick off the New Year. In addition, it keeps your home looking fresh throughout winter. For any repair or installation needs, contact the professionals at Mason’s Chimney Service today! We can set up your fireplace with ease. Plus, we are qualified to perform regular upkeep and maintenance, as well!

Ring In The New Year With A New Fireplace - Cherry Hill NJ - Mason's Chimney ServiceSave Money With Help From A Pro

With Christmas coming to a close, you may have set out to start saving money where you can. We want to help you out! If you need an installation done, you will likely find out that hiring help is much more cost effective than attempting to do it yourself. Having to buy new parts, making trips to the hardware store, and purchasing the appropriate tools is tricky and time consuming. Consequently, in the end, you will quickly notice receipts piling up!

Also, you could wind up paying a lot in repairs down the line, should anything be installed incorrectly. One wrong step and you will be facing a lot of damage! Fireplace installations take a lot of patience and technical knowledge. Messing something up means nothing will run as efficiently. Therefore, one slip-up cold trigger a major and costly malfunction.

On top of all that, a fireplace that does not run well will not heat your home as effectively. This means higher energy bills and less heat for your home and family. Why deal with all this extra hassle? Depend on us to set things up right the first time!

We Can Keep You Out Of Harm’s Way

Installations involve working with gases, electricity, and various fire hazards. If you are not interested in saving money, then consider the potential danger you face, should something go wrong. What happens if a fireplace malfunctions due to a set-up error? Your home is at an increased risk for fire and poisonous gases. This is why Homeadvisor.com wants you to keep your family out of harm’s way by leaving this job to the experts!

At Mason’s Chimney Service, our staff is CSIA trained and certified to address any of your chimney or fireplace related needs. In addition, we take pride in offering top of the line customer service, which is why our customers always come back to us. On top of performing fireplace installations, we also do cleanings, repairs, inspections, and more! That way, once your new unit is in, you can continue depending on us for any further maintenance down the line.

We have been in business for 55 years, so you don’t have to worry about lack of experience when you hire us. Give us call today or book your appointment online, so you can start off 2017 with a bang. Thanks for choosing us!