Because of the warm temperatures in the spring and summer, most homeowners do not use their fireplaces and chimneys during this time. However, just because you are not using your chimney does not mean it doesn’t need maintenance!

Many homeowners wait until the temperatures drop in the fall to have their chimney swept. Because of this, fall is the busiest time of year to have chimney maintenance done! This year, beat the rush by having your chimney swept over the summer!

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The importance of having your chimney swept

Having your chimney swept is one of the most important things you can do to maintain the overall health of your chimney system. In addition to cleaning the fireplace and chimney, a certified chimney sweeps can also spot signs of damage or deterioration in your chimney. This allows small problems to be quickly repaired before they deteriorate into bigger issues.

In addition to helping to spot potential maintenance issues, having your chimney swept can also help keep you and your family safe. In unswept chimneys, creosote  can accumulate in the flue. Accidental ignition of this highly flammable substance is the leading cause of chimney fire. By having your chimney swept, you are reducing your risk of an accidental chimney fire.

The Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends that all homes should have their chimneys swept at least once per year. However, depending on how often it is used or what kind of fuel is burned your chimney may need to be swept more. Chimneys need to be swept any time there is a 1/8th of an inch of sooty buildup in the flue. This amount of buildup is typically created by a cord of wood being burned; if you use more than this amount of wood in your fireplace, you may need to have your chimney swept more than once per year.

Why have your chimney swept in the summer

Even though your fireplace is probably not being used, the summer is an ideal time to get your chimney swept. By having your chimney swept in the summer, you can ensure that it is clean and in excellent condition when you are ready to use it again in the fall. Because the warm temperatures keep fireplaces from being regularly used, you will not be inconvenienced by a chimney sweeping or any other chimney or fireplace maintenance that needs to be done.

Because fall is the busiest season for chimney maintenance it can sometimes take several weeks to get an appointment. Likewise, this rush may make it difficult to get an appointment at a time that is convenient for you. By scheduling your chimney appointment during the slower summer months, you’re more likely to avoid a wait and get an appointment at a time that works for you!

This year, don’t wait until fall to have your chimney swept. Beat the rush by having your chimney swept now! Contact Mason’s Chimney Service today to schedule your summer chimney sweep appointment.