Keep Carbon Monoxide from Your Chimney and Fireplace

It’s anything but nice. This is something you just can’t sugar-coat. It’s terrible and alarmingly dangerous. If ignored, it can take your life. Yes, carbon monoxide can kill you.. but, as long as you carefully look out for it and apply the necessary precautionary measures, you are safe from this harmful toxin. Having your chimney cleaned and inspected each year is an important step.

Carbon monoxide is scary. Why? It cannot be seen, smelled or even recognized. It multiplies in the air unknowingly and strikes when you least expect it to. It replaces oxygen-giving nutrients in the body’s red blood cells. If there is too much exposure to this, it can cause permanent damage to your body and in worst cases, death. Do not take these warnings lightly, over two hundred people annually die because of this.

Anytime there is an open fire, good air flow keeps harmful gases from coming into your home.

Anytime there is an open fire, good air flow keeps harmful gases from coming into your home.

Most of the time, it is mistaken to just be typical flu. Doctors are not to be blamed because there are indeed very similar symptoms to that of the ordinary flu; if you feel nauseated, light-headed or if you are frequently vomiting, do not hesitate to get a doctor’s appointment.

If you have a fireplace and chimney present in your home, carbon monoxide is sure to be produced and accumulated there. This is due to the open combustion system it naturally performs. There is residue left after creating an open fire. The windows should be opened every once in a while to make sure there is safe and fresh air exchange coming from the outside to the inside of the house.

There are many causes as to why this particular toxin exists in your home. It can be because of a blockage like that of bird nests, leaves falling or debris from any renovation made. Also, there might be debris and residue left after combustion. This can clog your chimney flues and can lead to worst-case scenarios. The build-up of soot also causes carbon monoxide to appear. This your chimney from letting the smoke pass freely out into open air.

For your safety, professionals from Mason’s Chimney Service and Air Duct Cleaning, Incorporated can help you maintain the cleanliness your fireplace and chimney deserves. The only thing you can do to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning is to have your chimney flues checked every once in a while. They can give you the best of their services with the highest standards. They are well-trained experts that are never hesitant to help you live a better, safer life. They have gained the trust of many in New Jersey with over fifty-five years of excellent service.