Chimney dampers are an important part of your chimney’s anatomy. They typically aren’t seen and their small stature often causes people to underestimate their importance, but the truth is your home and fireplace would suffer a lot without a damper in place! Learn more about all that dampers can do for you by reading below, then turn to us if you need yours repaired or replaced. The certified sweeps at Mason’s Chimney Service are ready to serve you!Chimney Damper Inspection & Repair - Cherry Hill NJ - Mason's Chimney

The Function Of A Damper

So, what does the chimney damper do? Well, they serve a big purpose when your fireplace is not in use. Imagine trying to heat your home in the cold winter months, only to have cold drafts constantly swooping through your living room. That doesn’t seem very cozy, and we’re guessing your heating bills will increase quite a bit, too.

Luckily, for those with a damper in place, harsh outdoor winds won’t have easy access to your home anytime soon! The damper blocks this air from swooping down your chimney and entering your home, allowing you to enjoy a warm evening indoors, no matter how cold it is outside. Ready to turn down the heat and build a fire? No problem! Dampers easily open, so that smoke and other toxins can escape whenever a fire is lit. You’ll be good to go all winter long!

But that’s not all… Dampers also help out homes in the warmer months! If you’re running your air conditioning all summer, the last thing you want is that nice, cool air to escape out your chimney. Dampers seal things up so that your home will remain a comfortable place to relax on even the hottest days!

Throat Or Top-End?

In the damper world, there are two main types that we come into contact with: throat and top-end. So, which one is the better fit for your system? Well, throat dampers were always the standard, and they are the ones we’ll typically find in older fireplaces. These are located just above the firebox, and they do a good job keeping your home protected. We can repair them, as needed, but if a replacement is in order, we recommend upgrading to a top-end damper.

Top-end dampers are fitted at the top of your chimney and they seal it off better than ever with a rubberized gasket that will close things off nice and tight. Throat dampers are known to rust, thus inhibiting their ability to keep out winds and cold air. With top-end dampers, that’s not something you’ll have to worry about! Along with this, they help the chimney cap keep animals and moisture out of your system. You’ll conserve more energy and save that much more on your month-to-month bills. There’s no doubt that it’s the obvious choice for your home!

We Can Serve You!

At Mason’s Chimney Service, we’ve got the tools you need to ensure your chimney and fireplace is running great year after year. Learn more by visiting us online, then give us a call today to set up an appointment. When you count on us, you count on the best!