The Courier Post recently interviewed local business owners for an article with suggestions on important items to include on you Spring “:To Do” List.  They spoke to Mason’s Chimney Service about home maintenance such as dryer vent service, chimney cleaning and chimney repairs.


“While preventative action is essential to ensuring safety, maintenance plays just as crucial a role.

     After the long winter, overworked chimneys receive a reprieve in the upcoming months. While running through their safety checklist, homeowners should have their chimneys and dryer vents serviced, said Edward Ridgeway, owner and manager of Mason’s Chimney Service in Mickleton.

     “Whether it’s a fireplace that burns wood or gas, the same rules apply,” Ridgeway said. “It’s good to service these after the burning season because then you’re ready for the following season. And if any problems are found, there’s plenty of time and good weather to fix them.”

It’s a good idea to get gas burning fireplaces serviced because they create an abundance of fine soot and moisture, said Ridgeway. Not only is the combination acidic, it deteriorates masonry chimneys and promotes rust in metal-lined chimneys. Wood-burning chimneys produce creosote, a dark brown oil often used as wood preservative. Creosote is very acidic and, when mixed with moisture, can produce a foul smell during the hot and humid summer months, said Ridgeway.

     Before homeowners can use the warm temperatures and extra dose of sunshine to dry laundry on clotheslines and allow the household dryer to take a break, the appliance pulls double duty in the winter months.  Dryers should be inspected and cleaned once a year, said Ridgeway. Not only is trapped lint a potential fire hazard, the buildup in the machine also leads to wasted energy since the appliance has to work harder and run longer to dry clothes.  Birds that like to nest in the dryer vents in the springtime are one more thing to look out for, Ridgeway advises.


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