A leaky chimney can cause serious issues, which may threaten the safety and integrity of your entire home. Rain is very common this time of year, which welcomes new plant life, but it’s not so great for your chimney and masonry. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to avoid water damages or leaks to your fireplace system, and our CSIA-certified team at Mason’s Chimney Service are here to help!Chimney Leak Repair - Cherry Hill NJ - Mason's Chimney Service

With that being said, it’s crucial to repair any issues before investing in any preventative maintenance. So you can rest easy the next time you light a fire! Count on our team to handle any job – from flashing repair to chimney cap installation to waterproofing and more. You can trust us with all of it!

Why Leaks Are Dangerous

Having leaks throughout your brickwork can trigger a lot of costly issues and time-consuming repair work. One of the biggest threats to your chimney system is the freeze/thaw process. This happens when your brickwork absorbs excess moisture and then expands when the water freezes in the cold, winter climate; and when the temperatures go back up, the water thaws, which cause the chimney to settle. If this happens multiple times throughout the season, you’re looking at lots of extra pressure on your system!

Along with this, you’ll likely face rotting woodwork, cracks in the chimney crown, rusted metal parts, stains on your walls and ceilings, clogs in your flue, and more! All of the deterioration and decay can take its toll on your chimney, and it causes your fireplace from functioning safely and efficiently.

If you have water damage to your chimney system that you’ve been putting off, we urge you to address them immediately. Neglecting necessary maintenance can put your chimney at risk of a settlement or collapse, both of these would be costly in repairs. You could also be putting your home and loved ones at some serious risks! Don’t take any chances. Call our experienced, qualified, and professional team today!

We Can Help You Out

Our crew can handle any repairs you may need for a safe working fireplace. If your masonry is looking wore down and needs some touch ups, we can restore your brickwork and mortar with our tuckpointing services. Or if your crown need repairs or rebuilding, we can address that too. Dependable masonry and a sturdy chimney crown are both necessary for water damage prevention, and we’ll ensure your chimney is ready for any weather.

We also repair and install chimney caps and chimney flashing; we use ChimneySaver Water Repellent to guarantee a reliable and long-lasting seal for your brickwork. Equip your chimney with everything so that it can provide your family with all the cozy nights in they deserve! Call our team now.