Chimney Liner- Cherry Hill NJ - Mason Chimney If you own a fireplace, you know that regular maintenance is vital for running a safe and efficient unit. Yet, all of the upkeep involved can be time-consuming and remembering the various terms and necessary services is definitely a challenge for anyone.

That is why we are here to help you out. If you have a professional chimney technician come in on a regular basis, you may have heard them talk about chimney relining on more than one occasion. This term, along with countless others, is used a lot in the business, but few homeowners understand the true meaning behind it.

The Purpose Of A Chimney Liner

There are a few main purposes that a chimney liner serves. Learn more below.

  • Improve Efficiency: One thing that a liner does is keep your fireplace running more efficiently. If your flue is out of place or not fitted correctly, you will notice more creosote build-up. This leads to countless issues, all of which affect your fireplace’s ability to heat your home
  • Prevent Fires: Chimney liners play a huge role in keeping your fires under control. Without them, flames will quickly spread to any flammable materials nearby. Keep your home and family out of harm’s way by having an expert check things out right away. If your chimney is not lined at all, refrain from lighting any fires until you can get one professionally installed.
  • Protect The Chimney: Without a proper liner in place, your chimney will face a lot of wear and tear. The heat and various gases produced by the fireplace can cause brick and mortar to break down quickly. This calls for a lot of repair costs down the line. It also means harmful gases can escape through the newly formed crack and holes, triggering health issues for anyone residing in the home.

Running a fireplace with a damaged flue is definitely not worth the risks involved. Call on the professionals at Mason’s Chimney Service today, so we can set you up right.


Do I Need Relining?

There are a few clues to look for if you think your chimney liner needs some attention. Any type of damage can cause major issues down the line, so look for signs of rusting, cracking, and corrosion. The tiles in your chimney may be showing signs of damage, as well, should your liner not be working properly.

If you do not have a liner at all, then having one put in is vital before putting your fireplace to use. Also note that, if you recently had a new insert, stove, or other type of unit installed, your current liner may need replacing to ensure everything is working together as efficiently as possible.

Our certified technicians are standing by, ready to take your call today. Set up an appointment with us and gain the peace of mind you deserve this holiday season. We look forward to working with you!