Advantages of Having Fireplace Glass Doors

Fireplace Glass Doors Photo - Cherry Hill NJ - Mason's Chimney ServiceFrom time to time we get questions about fireplace glass doors. Homeowners wonder if having these installed is actually worth the money, and they question how this investment would benefit over their household time. At Mason’s Chimney Service, we recommend having glass doors put on, and our staff is trained, certified, and more than qualified to get the job done for you! Check out all the advantages of fireplaces glass doors by reading below.

Increased Safety

First of all, these products will make your fireplace experiences much safer. If you have small children or crazy pets, then this is definitely a great option for you. It’s important to remember that these doors get hot, though, so keep that in mind when teaching your children about fireplace safety.

On top of keeping curious kids and animals out of the fireplace, glass doors help to keep stray embers and flames inside the firebox where they belong. If these sparks get loose, they could hurt loved ones, ruin furniture and rugs, and could even trigger a full blown house fire. On top of this, the logs themselves could roll out when your fire settles from time to time – not good at all!

Keep your home and family as safe as possible – ask us about our glass doors today!

Increased Efficiency

Glass doors also greatly increase the efficiency of your fireplace. They are known for heating your home more effectively and their tight seal over your firebox will help to reduce your utility bill, as well. Many assume they trap the heat, not allowing any to enter the room, but this is not the case at all! Rather, heat will radiate into your living space, keeping people all throughout it warm and cozy all evening long.

Also, they often work better than dampers at keeping your house at the temperature you desire. You won’t have to worry about the cold drafts sweeping throughout your home all winter and, come summer, your air conditioning won’t escape outside. There’s no doubt that fireplace glass doors are worth every penny!

Increased Style

One of more exciting parts of purchasing glass doors is the opportunity to showcase your unique style and tastes. Friends, neighbors, and family members will rave about your beautiful new addition and your fireplace will look better than ever. It adds a clean, polished look to any aesthetic and it will definitely be a worthwhile investment in the long run.

We Can Install Yours!

Mason’s Chimney Service staffs experts who can easily install new glass doors into your fireplace. Our technicians are CSIA and NFI trained and certified, so you know we have got your back, no matter what. When it comes to installation services for your fireplace and chimney, we know it all! Give us a call today to learn more!

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Avoiding Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

When it comes to fireplace safety, you can never be too careful. One of the most dangerous things you can come into contact with is carbon monoxide. Learn more about this harmful substance and how to avoid it by reading below. Then, turn to Mason’s Chimney Service & Certified Air Duct Cleaning for all of your chimney and fireplace needs! When you work with us, you work with the best.

Avoiding Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Image - Cherry Hill NJ - Mason's Chimney ServiceWhat Is It?

Many have heard a lot about carbon monoxide and pretty much everyone knows that it’s dangerous. However, what else is there to know? First of all, it’s important to remember that carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless, so you won’t be able to detect with your basic senses. This is especially scary since carbon monoxide is highly toxic!

What this emphasizes is the importance of annual fireplace repairs and inspections. Regular maintenance and upkeep can make all the difference when it comes to keeping your home safe, so putting it off is not something you want to do. Minimize your risk and schedule an appointment with us today. You’ll rest easier knowing your home and family is staying more protected all winter long. Call now!

How It Harms Us

Now you know what carbon monoxide is, but how exactly does it harm us? Countless people are hospitalized every year due to too much exposure to carbon monoxide. Unfortunately, (if not appropriately and swiftly addressed) this gas can be fatal. This isn’t something you want to mess around with.

How can you tell if you’ve been affected? Fatigue, dizziness, nausea, headaches, and trouble breathing are all indications that gas may be leaking into your home and these symptoms should never be ignored. If you suspect you or a loved one may be in trouble, get medical help right away.

How Can I Avoid It?

So, what can we do to avoid exposure altogether? First of all, have carbon monoxide detectors installed throughout your home by a professional. This way, you’ll be informed as to whether or not your home is at risk, no matter what. Once installed, be sure to check the batteries on a regular basis, so you know everything’s working a-okay. When everything is working properly, you’ll be alerted right away if something is off within your home.

Secondly, get that annual inspection on the books! As we stated earlier, regular maintenance and inspections are a key component in enhancing fireplace safety throughout the year. Plus, if you live in Cherry Hill or any of it’s surrounding communities, there’s nowhere better to turn than us. We look forward to your call. Pick up the phone today!