The Importance Of Having Clean Air Ducts

Regular home care is important. Roof maintenance, chimney cleanings, and dryer vent inspections. These, plus countless other services, are needed on a regular basis to keep things running efficiently and safer for regular use. If you have a to-do list of regular home care needs, we urge you to add air duct cleaning to that list!

The Importance Of Having Clean Air Ducts Image - Cherry Hill NJ - Mason's Chimney ServiceSince air ducts are tucked away and out of sight, we find that many homeowners forget about them. Yet, cleaning these systems regularly will help ensure that everything runs as efficiently as possible. In addition, there are health benefits to these services, as well! Learn more below, then contact Mason’s Chimney Service & Certified Air Duct Cleaning, Inc. today to set up your appointment.

Keeping Your Air Safe To Breathe

There are a lot of unseen particles that float around the air inside of your home. Your air duct system is constantly circulating the air you and your family breathe. So, keeping it clean is a priority! If you have loved ones that struggle with allergies, asthma, or respiratory health issues, unclean air typically makes their symptoms a lot worse.

These same facts apply to younger children or older adults. People in these categories are often more susceptible to sickness associated with poor air quality within a home. These struggles can be easily avoided by investing in regular air duct maintenance.

The longer these units go without being cleaned, the more buildup you’ll wind up facing. Your duct work will store all of the things that are floating through air. These include dust, chemicals, and dander, and they will stay in your system until physically removed. This isn’t an ideal situation for your home, which is why we want to help you out.

Increasing Efficiency

Clean air ducts also help with your home’s overall efficiency. With less build up and pollutants circulating, your entire system can function much easier. The more debris that accumulates, the harder your system has to work. All that strain can cause a break down much sooner than anticipated. This can force you to readjust your budget and invest in repairs and replacement parts.

Increased efficiency also means lower bills. When your system can run with ease, less energy is needed, meaning you facing savings month to month. Have your system cleaned for faster results and more money in your pocket on a regular basis. It’s a win-win all around!

Can Mason’s Chimney Service Help?

You bet we can! We specialize in air duct services, and we follow the guidelines provided by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. Mason’s Chimney Service doesn’t skimp when it comes to quality customer care. We also use products that ensure every nook and cranny of your system will be covered.

We can answer any of your questions when you give us a call – or browse our website for more information, as well! Let’s work together to make your home great and safer to live in. Schedule your appointment with us today!

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Importance Of Chimney Masonry Repairs

Chimney Masonry Repairs Image - Cherry Hill NJ - Mason's Chimney ServiceMasonry chimneys face a lot of wear and tear. From time to time, repairs are necessary, and they are never something that should be put off. If your brickwork is cracked and your mortar is crumbling, call in an expert today to assess the situation and advise you on the next appropriate steps. The longer you let it go, the worse off you’ll be!

Water & Masonry

One of the biggest reasons masonry wears down is due to water damage. Water enters the brick, then causes countless issues such as rotting, rust, stains, cracks, holes, clogs, decay, and more! All of these lead to bigger issues down the line and they are all things you want to get fixed as soon as possible.

And if the freeze/thaw process occurs, then you’re in real trouble. This is what happens when the absorbed water freezes in the winter, then thaws back out in the summer. As the water expands and retracts, so does your chimney! That adds a lot of extra pressure, which puts stress on your entire system, as a whole.

What Can We Do?

If your masonry needs help, have no fear because Mason’s Chimney Service is here for you! We offer a wide variety of services that can restore your masonry – we’ll make sure it’s strong enough to stand the test of time. Learn more about all we offer below!

  • Tuckpointing: Tuckpointing is the intricate process of removing old, damaged mortar and replacing it with new mortar. It may sound simple, but matching up colors and materials takes time and patience. One wrong move could alter the entire look and aesthetic of your chimney. Always trust in a professional to get the results you deserve!
  • Crown Repair: Another service we promote is crown repair. The crown directs water away from the brickwork, so that less wear and tear occurs over time. It serves a very important purpose, so keeping it in top condition should always be a priority! Unfortunately, chimney crowns can break down and crack. The experts at Mason’s Chimney Service can get it looking like new – count on us today!
  • Firebox Repair: When it comes to older fireplaces, things aren’t always built up to today’s standards. If your firebox needs some work, we can restore it with the proper tools and products so that it works as efficiently as possible. Whatever you have in mind, we can set you up right – let us help make your vision a reality!

Restorations & Waterproofing

On top of what’s listed above, we also offer restorations. Whatever you want us to tackle, we can take it on! And once your fireplace and chimney are in pristine condition and looking great, invest in our waterproofing services, so that you can stay protected for years to come. We use products that will last through whatever bad weather comes your way – trust in us today!

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