If you’ve recently purchased a wood-burning stove, or are considering purchasing one, then Mason’s Chimney Service has all of the tools and expertise necessary to help you out. Count on our experts for installation and regular maintenance to ensure your appliance stays in tip-top shape all year long. Learn more about these stoves below, then contact us today, so we can set you up right!Using Your Wood-Burning Stove - Cherry Hill NJ - Mason's Chimney Service

Benefits Of Owning A Wood-Burning Stove

There’s no doubt that wood-burning appliances offer a pleasing and timeless aesthetic to any living space. Stoves provide that classic look and feel that homeowners often seek, but without all the mess of a full-blown fireplace. They require less overall maintenance, and they produce less ash, too. It’s the perfect fit for someone with a busy lifestyle or for someone who simply doesn’t want to keep up with all of that hassle.

And don’t worry about efficiency! These are units that are built to stand the test of time, and they pour out heat, so you’ll be nice and toasty, no matter what’s going on outside. They also produce a strong fire with less wood than traditional fireplaces. Additionally, you can put them just about anywhere in your home! On top of everything, they produce little smoke, so you can enjoy your fire the fullest, without the stress of fumes backing up into your home.

There are also cost benefits to owning a wood-burning stove! Wood is a cheap and renewable resource (especially if you season your own). You’ll save loads of money on heating bills each winter thanks to the extra warmth you’re gaining. You’ll be surprised at how much cozier your home is and you’ll have extra cash to spend on holiday gifts and decor – it’s a win-win!

How To Use One

If you’re new to the wood stove game, we’re certain you’ll get the process of using one down in a jiffy. First things first, you need to ensure all valves and dampers are open, so that air can properly circulate and fuel your fire. Proper air flow will make all the difference in how strong of a fire you produce. Also, it ensures that no smoke pours back into your home.

Next, build a fire with seasoned wood. Using anything other than seasoned wood will encourage the accumulation of creosote, so it’s important to know how to decipher green wood from dry wood. Fresher logs will be heavier, look fresher, and will make a dull thud when smacked together. Seasoned wood (the kind you want) will be lightweight, split and dark at the ends, and it will sound hollow when you hit two pieces against each other.

After you’ve got the right firewood, start a fire, then enjoy it! You can add fuel as needed, and you can also adjust the valves and damper to ensure you’re getting the best air circulation possible. You’ll be enjoying a cozy night in in no time!

What Are You Waiting For?

With the holidays coming up, there’s no time to lose. Ask us about our wood stoves today!