More and more homeowners are choosing to install prefabricated chimneys in their homes. These fireplace systems are often significantly less expensive than building a masonry chimney but can still offer many of the same benefits as a traditional chimney.

Whereas masonry chimneys have chimney caps to protect the top of the flue, prefabricated chimneys have chase covers. Chase covers protect your fireplace and chimney system from the elements; however, they can become damaged or deteriorate over time if not properly maintained.


What is a chase cover?

The actual chimneys of most prefabricated fireplaces are simple metal pipes. While functional, these flues are not known for being stylish or fitting in with many home décor styles. Because of this, most prefabricated chimneys are surrounded with a chase. Chases surround the prefabricated chimney and are protected at the top of the flue with a chase cover.

Chase covers are designed to allow smoke out of the chimney while preventing animals, debris, or water from getting in. Chase covers are made of metal such as aluminum, copper, or galvanized steel. The type of metal used can help determine the duration of a chase cover; copper, while more expensive, is virtually indestructible whereas galvanized steel has a much shorter lifespan.

Why are chase covers important?

The chase cover is one of the most important parts of a prefabricated chimney because it protects the entire fireplace system against the elements. Without a quality chase cover the chimney and fireplace are exposed potential damage from water as well as animals and debris getting into the chimney.

Despite their important function, many homeowners are not aware of the condition of their chase cover. An annual chimney inspection is an excellent way to ensure that the chase cover is not damaged. Likewise, homeowners should be able to spot signs of potential damage such as rust stains on the chimney structure.

Replacing your chase cover

Because they are constantly exposed to the elements, chimney chase covers may deteriorate over time. If this happens, your chase cover may need to be replaced. Many homeowners, however, are surprised to learn about the many choices that are available for new chase covers. Our expertly trained technicians at Mason’s Chimney Service can recommend the best chase cover for your chimney, as well as making sure it is installed correctly.

While a quality product is an important part of how well a chase cover will last, having it installed correctly is equally important. Even good chase covers can’t do their job if they are installed incorrectly! Because of this, it is recommended to have your new chase cover installed by a certified chimney professional rather than attempting to do it yourself.

Whether you need to have your chimney inspected, suspect there may be damage to your chase cover, or need to have your chase cover replaced, Mason’s Chimney Service can handle your chase cover repairs. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and learn more about how a new chase cover can benefit your fireplace system!