You know the drill. When you go to light a fire, you open the damper and close it after extinguishing the flames. This is obviously an important step in the fire-building process, but many underestimate just how essential the damper is. Learn more about the role of this piece of chimney anatomy below, then find out how Mason’s Chimney Service can help you achieve the best results possible.Chimney Dampers - Cherry Hill NJ - Mason's Chimney Service

How Dampers Work

If you have an older fireplace, your damper is likely located in the throat of your chimney. Whatever your plans are for the evening, the chimney damper is there to help you out! If you don’t feel the need to use your fireplace, it provides a tight seal, keeping cold air outdoors and ensuring you stay as warm as possible. This keeps everyone comfortable and your energy bills lower, too!

Having something that blocks downdrafts and freezing temperatures is highly beneficial, but what about those nights when a cozy fire sounds idyllic? Well, it’s simple. Just open the damper and you’re good to go! No smoke or potentially hazardous fumes will be entering your home. You’ll also get all the draft and airflow necessary for building and maintaining a productive fire throughout the evening hours.

Have You Considered A Top-End Damper?

Now, like we said, dampers ensure energy efficiency within the home by blocking out bad weather. That being said, experts have noted throughout the years that throat dampers aren’t always able to work as efficiently as we’d like. They can easily corrode or get misaligned, and creosote and other decay cause jams from time to time. This makes it nearly impossible to open and close properly.

Fortunately, a better product is now on the scene – a top-end damper. Top-end dampers are placed at the top of the chimney, rather than the bottom. They also use a rubber gasket to ensure a tighter-than-ever seal. This means no downdrafts, and you won’t have to worry about cold air settling inside your chimney, either.

Top-end dampers also come with a protective cap so that, when they are opened, no animals or excess debris can enter. If your current damper is breaking down or malfunctioning, or if you feel that a change is necessary, consider investing in a top-end damper right away! If you call now, we can easily have it installed and ready to go for your burning season come fall. Pick up the phone today!

Mason’s Chimney Can Meet All Of Your Chimney & Venting Needs

Our team is CSIA trained and certified, and we’re ready to take on any chimney or venting issues you throw our way. Schedule an appointment during our slow season, so we can get you taken care of before business starts to pick up again come fall. We’ll be in and out in no time, so you won’t have to worry about a thing when temperatures drop! What are you waiting for? We’re ready for your call.