Fall is finally here, and winter is just around the corner! This year, make the most out of your fireplace by using the right hearth accessories. At Mason’s Hearth Shop, we sell a wide variety of quality hearth accessories. This is to make your burning experience simpler and more enjoyable!

The best products for your fireplace.

Taking care of your fireplace is about more than just regular cleaning and good maintenance. Using the right fireplace tools can help you get the most out of your fireplace system. With more than 55 years of experience in the fireplace industry, we’ve had a lot of time to consider, research, and test the best products of the market. Because of this, we stand behind the products that we offer. Mason’s Chimney Service knows that they will make using your fireplace safer and more enjoyable!

The following are just a few of our favorite products that we offer at Mason’s Hearth Shop.

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Screens and tool sets: Stoking a fire, adding logs, and sweeping ashes can be safer – and more stylish – with one of our quality tool sets. Likewise, screens combine both utility and safety. In addition to coming in a wide variety of decorative styles, they protect your floors and furnishings from popping coals and embers.

  • Fireside accessories: Fireside accessories offer a variety of high quality safety products for your fireplace. Ash containers and shovels can make cleanup after a wood burning fire safer and easier. Likewise, safety gates and stove screens can keep even the youngest members of your family safe around your fireplace.
  • Fire starters: Spending more time starting a fire than you are enjoying it? If so, you might need a new fire starter! From Fatwood kindling bundles to gel products, using a fire starter can help you start enjoying your fire faster. For an added touch of whimsy, products like our Magical Color Pine Cones, which burn blue and green, can make starting the fire fun and entertaining for the whole family.
  • Log racks and carriers: Outdoor firewood racks should keep the wood off the ground to maximize air circulation and prevent rotting. Likewise, covers can be used to keep wood from getting wet during snowy or icy conditions. Log carriers and small indoor racks can make moving and storing small amounts of wood easier.
  • Stove-top accessories: If you have a gas, wood burning, or pellet stove, maximize the utility of your heating appliance. Add a stove-top accessory! Whether you want to add some classic charm or prepare a cup of hot cocoa, our stove-top accessories are heat safe and perfect for your heating appliance.

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Having the right hearth accessories can take your fireplace from merely functional to truly fun! Contact the Hearth Shop at Mason’s Chimney Service today to learn more about our wide range of high quality products and check product availability. Need a chimney sweeping, a new heating appliance, or need to stock up on fireplace supplies? Mason’s is your one stop shop for all your fireplace and chimney needs!