Taking care of your dryer is more than just emptying the lint trap after every load. Good dryer maintenance includes regular dryer vent cleanings; doing this can help your dryer run more safely dryer-vent-cleaning-img-cherry-hill-nj-masons-chimney-serviceand efficiently and help extend the life of your appliance.

The importance of dryer vent cleaning

Clean dryer vents make your dryer a more efficient and safer appliance. As you use your dryer, the same lint that accumulates in the lint trap begins to accumulate in the hoses and vents. Over time, this lint can build up to the point where it begins to restrict air flow. The restricted venting then forces the dryer to produce hotter air in order to compensate.

This cycle of restricted air and overheating make the dryer operate less efficiently and can eventually lead to dryer fire; the superheated air produced by the dryer can ignite the extremely flammable lint, quickly spreading to other parts of your home.

According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, there are more than 15,000 dryer fires caused by clogged vents in the United States each year. In addition to endangering and injuring families, these preventable fires cause more than $200 million in damages to homes, properties, and belongings.

Signs your dryer vents need to be cleaned

When to have your dryer vents cleaned doesn’t have to be a mystery; dryer performance is often a major indicator that it’s time to have the dryer vents cleaned. The following six signs indicate that it may be time to schedule a vent cleaning appointment.

  1. A load of clothes take longer than one complete cycle to dry
  2. An average load of clothes takes longer than 45 minutes to dry
  3. Increasing amounts of lint accumulate in the lint trap
  4. The dryer has a strong, musty odor when opened
  5. The surface of the dryer or the surrounding laundry room are excessively warm
  6. Lint can be seen around the exterior vent termination

Our dryer vent services

At Mason’s Chimney Service, we offer several dryer vent services. Our trained and experienced technicians know that dryer vent cleaning is about more than simply blowing out a dryer line and will leave you with a safer and more efficient dryer. We are proud to offer our customers:

  • Dryer vent cleaning: Our professional technicians will safely and completely clear your dryer vents – without leaving lint all over your lawn.
  • Terminations: The termination is where your venting system ends, and to meet safety codes must be to the exterior of your home and not connect with other vents. Our technicians can evaluate the terminations to ensure they meet current safety codes and standards.
  • LintAlert®: The latest technological advancement in dryer vent cleaning, LintAlert® is a sensor that continually monitors dryer performance. If performance changes or there is a problem with the system, such as a decrease in air flow caused by lint accumulation, LintAlert® will notify you with an alarm.

While you may know us as a chimney company, we can clean your vents too! This fall, make sure your dryer is operating safely by having your dryer vents cleaned. To schedule an appointment for your dryer vent cleaning, contact Mason’s Chimney Service & Certified Air Duct Cleaning today.