Most homeowners realize that a dirty chimney can lead to some serious home damage. Creosote build-up, blockages, and more all increase the likelihood of fire. Fires not only destroy belongings. In addition, they threaten the well-being of loved ones and cost you a lot of money in repairs.Chimney Health Hazards You Should Know About - Cherry Hill NJ

Yet, the potential dangers of improper chimney use are not only limited to time-consuming home repairs. There are various other things that occur that put you and your family’s health at risk. Creosote, smoke, and carbon monoxide poisoning all have different ways of landing you and your loved ones in the doctor’s office. Consequently, this can happen over and over again.

Put a stop to this nonsense today. Invest in the best possible chimney care for your home. The experts at Mason’s Chimney Service can help you out! Contact us to set your appointment today. In the meantime, learn more about these potential threats by reading below.

Creosote Exposure

You may already know that creosote is highly flammable. However, did you know excess exposure to this substance could mean bad news for your body, as well? Your throat, stomach, skin, kidneys, and more can all be negatively affected by creosote. The more you are around it, the worse off you are!

Skin contact leads to rashes, burns, and nasty irritations. Also, breathing in the toxins associated with it does a lot of damage to your throat and mouth. On top of all that, it increases the likelihood of getting various cancers and diseases. Reduce the risk of long-lasting health issues by building clean fires. Use seasoned firewood and work hard to maintain your fireplace and chimney, all year round.

What is the best way to maintain your equipment? Calling in a certified expert to inspect and clean your chimney on a regular basis. CSIA trained technicians (like the staff at Mason’s Chimney Service) know which chemicals to use and have the appropriate tools necessary for safe and efficient creosote removal. Keep your home and family as safe as possible by giving us a call today!

Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Smoke and carbon monoxide exposure can lead to some serious health problems, if homeowners are not careful. Carbon monoxide can cause flu-like symptoms. Consequently, it may land you in the hospital if not addressed soon enough! The scariest part about it is how hard it is to detect. It is odorless and invisible to the naked eye, so many never realize they are breathing it in, until it is too late.

Proper ventilation is a vital part in maintaining a fireplace that is safe for use at all times. If you constantly face smoking issues, contact us today, so that we can fix the problem and get you back to enjoying your fireplace to the fullest. Also, be sure to install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors throughout your rooms. This is so you will be alerted before any serious damage is done.

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