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When your chimney breaks down, homeowners in Mount Laurel, Maple Shade, Marlton, Haddonfield, Haddon Heights, Voorhees, Lawnside, Medford, Moorestown, Gloucester City, Bellmawr, Runnemede, Sicklerville, Somerdale, and nearby communities can turn to Mason’s Chimney Service for expert fireplace and chimney repairs.

You would have to search far and wide to find a community that is more peaceful than Mount Laurel. Whether you want to take advantage of the nice weather with a stroll through Laurel Acres Park or a round of golf at Laurel Creek Country Club, the town offers a picturesque backdrop for all outdoor activities.

Our South Jersey oasis isn’t all about the great outdoors, though. Venture beyond the scenic parks to discover a rich and proud heritage. Explore Mount Laurel’s storied past by touring the historic Paulsdale to learn about Alice Paul, co-founder of the National Woman’s Party and a prominent figure in the fight for the 19th Amendment that gave women the right to vote.

Another big part of Mount Laurel’s charm is our beautiful architecture and well-built homes. A chimney with chipping brick or large cracks will stand out like a sore thumb. When your fireplace isn’t working as it should and your chimney is in distress, contact the team at Mason’s Chimney Service. Since 1955, we’ve proudly served the residents of Mount Laurel and nearby towns. Call us for an appointment at 800-559-6276 or reach out to us online.

What Chimney Repair Services Does Mason Chimney Service Offer?

Your fireplace should be the centerpiece of your home. To keep it in working condition, you have to keep up with annual maintenance. When your yearly chimney inspection reveals a problem, don’t wait to schedule a follow-up appointment for repairs as it can end up costing you much more time and money in the long run.

Fortunately, Mason’s Chimney Service is on hand to handle all of your chimney needs from regular chimney sweepings to pointing work. For your convenience, we offer a full slate of services that include the following:

Stone Fireplace

What Are the Most Common Chimney Problems?

A fireplace can hold up for years when it is properly taken care of, but even well-maintained chimney systems can falter from time to time. At Mason’s Chimney Service, we’ve seen a lot in our 70 years of business and we know that some issues pop up more than others. These are the most common chimney problems we’ve encountered:

  • There is a buildup of creosote. This tar-like substance is created when you use wood as a source of fuel. It’s highly flammable and can lead to chimney fires. The best way to remedy creosote problems is to schedule annual chimney sweepings – even if you don’t use your fireplace regularly.
  • The flue liner is damaged or missing. The flue liner helps shield your chimney from heat transfer by acting as a protective barrier. As time goes on, the high temperatures can take a toll that leads to cracks in the liner. In older homes, the flue liner could be missing altogether as they weren’t required by law until the mid-20th century.
  • There are problems with the masonry. A traditional masonry chimney is strong and durable, but its exposure to the elements can cause it to deteriorate over time. Cracks, spalling bricks, and loose mortar can all lead to water damage and structural problems.
  • The flue is blocked. Blockages can be caused by creosote buildup, animal nests, debris, or even deterioration of the chimney itself. A blocked chimney can’t ventilate smoke and toxins, which can pose a hazard to your health.
  • The chimney has water damage. Water is your chimney’s mortal enemy, but you can take steps to protect it. The chimney cap, crown, and flashing are the most common access points for chimney leaks. Water damage can lead to all sorts of other problems, including mold growth, structural issues, and rust if your chimney has metal parts. 

Delaying Chimney Repairs Can Prove Costly

Chimney problems don’t have to cast a shadow over your downtime and interrupt your fireside nights. When your fireplace acts up, call Mason’s Chimney Service. You can trust our expert chimney technicians to figure out the issue and get it fixed. Call us today at 800-559-6276 or get in touch with us online.

If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable chimney service, Mason’s Chimney Service is your only option. Ed and Stacy do an amazing job each year ensuring that our home is safe. They take great pride in their work and are always a pleasure to work with. They are the only people I trust with my family’s fireplace.

-Bob B.

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