Haddon Heights Residents Can Schedule Annual Chimney Inspections With Mason’s Chimney Service

Chimney inspections are a crucial part of home maintenance. Luckily, homeowners in Haddon Heights, Pennsauken, Gloucester City, Bellmawr, Voorhees, Lawnside, Magnolia, Mount Ephraim, Runnemede, Sicklerville, Stratford, Waterford Works, West Berlin, Winslow, Collingswood, and nearby towns can count on Mason’s Chimney Service for their regular chimney checkups!

Compared to other areas in our great state, the Haddon Heights borough checks in on the younger side at about 120 years old. However, the land that now makes up our beloved neighborhood was first settled around 1700. With that sort of rich history, it’s easy to see why so many people are drawn to our town.

Haddon Heights blends the perfect mix of small downtown charm for leisurely wanderers and acres of nature for adventurous explorers. If you want to take your bike out on a trail, head to Haddon Lake Park for scenic views. Do you prefer visiting unique shops and local restaurants? Spend the day perusing Downtown Haddon Heights. Regardless of your personal interests, there is something in town for you.

There are tons of activities for residents and tourists alike, but we all know how fickle Jersey weather can be. A sunny afternoon can quickly be interrupted by a gray overcast and a few raindrops. On those days, hunker down in the house, gather your favorite snacks, and cozy up next to your fireplace – just be sure you’re prepared to take advantage of your fireplace or wood stove with regular inspections by Mason’s Chimney Service.

Call us to schedule your next chimney inspection now at 800-559-6276 or book an appointment with us online.

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What Services Does Mason’s Chimney Service Offer to Haddon Heights Homeowners?

At Mason’s Chimney Service, we’re prepared to be the local go-to company for all of your fireplace and chimney needs. We can handle routine maintenance, installations, and repairs.
We’re proud to offer the following services for Haddon Heights residents:

With almost 70 years in the chimney business, we’re confident we can help you. If you have questions about one or several of our services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

How Often Should I Have My Chimney Inspected?

Just like scheduling an annual doctor’s visit is great for preventive care, a yearly chimney inspection also holds the same importance for your home’s health and safety. A doctor’s checkup can identify potential health problems early on and prevent much bigger issues down the line. Think of your heating appliance the same way.
Your fireplace and chimney form a complex system with many parts that have to work together to do their job properly, and a chimney inspection can uncover dangers like creosote buildup or cracks that may be impacting one of those parts. When we’re able to diagnose a problem early, we can repair it before it leads to a fire or expensive repairs.

We highly recommend Mason’s Chimney Service. They found a dangerous structural issue that a previous company that inspected our chimney did not. Mason’s repaired the issue, then installed a Ahren Fire system and new gas log set. They were wonderful to work with from start to finish. They are detail oriented and communicated with us throughout the entire job. We appreciated that they kept their work area outdoors and inside the home very clean and protected. We couldn’t be happier with our new fireplace and are relieved that the flaw was found. This could have prevented a very devastating situation. We are so grateful. Mason’s Chimney service is not just a company of honest, reliable workers, but they are also great people. It was a pleasure to work with them.

-Stephanie W.

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What Are Some Signs That My Chimney Needs To Be Inspected?

As much as it would simplify things, you can’t count on your chimney to display warning signs when something is wrong – especially in the beginning stages of the issue. More often than not, a leak or a similar problem has been ongoing for some time before you see the evidence.
In the off-chance that your chimney breaks down in between annual inspections, you may see the following red flags:

  • There is more creosote buildup than usual. If you have a wood-burning fireplace or stove, creosote is the natural result of enjoying a fire. Burning wood produces a flammable substance called creosote that may appear as tar-like deposits that coat the walls of the chimney. In higher accumulations, creosote can be very dangerous and a small, stray spark can ignite a chimney fire. An annual inspection and sweeping can keep creosote at a safe level.
  • Smoke is backing up into your living area. If you have a fire going, you can expect some smoke. But huge clouds of smoke filling your living room might as well be a warning sign with neon lights. First, be sure that the damper is open. If it is, you may have a blockage due to creosote buildup, animal activity, or debris like insulation and leaves.
  • Something smells bad. As a rule of thumb, a change in odor is one of the first signs that something is wrong with a household appliance and the same holds true for your fireplace. A new odor could signal that critters have moved in, there is mold or mildew present, or there are other types of water damage.
  • There is a water leak. Water can be the silent destroyer of your chimney system. You may not know you have a water leak until there are undeniable signs like spalling brick or peeling paint on the walls and ceiling near the fireplace. Occasionally, water will tip its hand early and you may see water pooling in the firebox or hear water dripping after a storm.

Don’t Forget To Set up Your Yearly Chimney Inspection

There aren’t many homeowners who love to do household chores, but Mason’s Chimney Service is here to help you out by getting one of those chores checked off your never-ending list! Reach out to us today to schedule your next annual chimney inspection so you can redirect your focus and energy elsewhere. Book your appointment online now or give us a call at 800-559-6276.


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