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Expert Air Duct Services

While air duct cleaning is not one of Mason’s primary services, we do offer it to our customers as another means of making your home’s systems work as cleanly and efficiently as possible.

Why Would I Need My Air Ducts Cleaned?

Consider the fact that your duct system is circulating the air you breathe around your home. Debris commonly gets into the ducts through registers, and as the system works to circulate air, fine particles are circulated with it that can cause respiratory irritation — particularly for people who are already dealing with allergies or respiratory problems. Simply put: a clean air duct system brings cleaner air to your home.

And like any other complex system, cleaning helps your air duct system work better. It’s been shown that regular duct cleaning can make your system more efficient and less likely to break down and extend its service life in the process. This is partially because a clean vent system simply doesn’t have to work as hard as a dirty one.

How Does Mason’s Chimney Service Clean Air Ducts?

We follow the air duct cleaning procedures outlined by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association, using special tools to reach and clean each part of the system – not just the vent openings. (Most often, the dirtiest parts of a duct system are the furthest from the vents.)

Mason’s Chimney Service technicians use the RotoBrush system to clean your ducts — take a look at the video below to get an in-depth sense of how it works:

The whole process of cleaning a heating and cooling system and its ductwork, on average, takes three to five hours. But the actual time it requires will always depend on the size of the home and condition of the system.

When Do I Need To Have My Air Ducts Cleaned?

While it’s recommended to have dryer ducts inspected every year, you don’t need to service your HVAC system ducts annually. Your best approach will differ depending on your family’s needs.

If anyone in your family or household suffers from allergies or respiratory problems, you might consider having your air ducts cleaned every three to five years. If that’s not the case with you or anyone living in your home, servicing your air ducts every five to seven years should be all you need.

If you’re due to have your air ducts cleaned, call Mason’s Chimney Service & Certified Air Duct Cleaning, Inc. today!


Regular dryer vent cleaning will help keep you and your family safer and improve the efficiency of your home dryer. So don’t wait any longer to schedule this critical vent service with Mason’s Chimney Service.