Benefits Of Scheduling An Early Chimney Sweeping

Did you know that scheduling your chimney sweeping before fall, has many benefits? The CSIA certified crew here at Mason’s Chimney Service is here (even in the summer) to take care of your chimney maintenance. Learn more below, then give us a call today.

Make Scheduling A Breeze

Between crazy work schedules, after-school events, ball practices, dance classes, birthday parties, family events, after-work meetings, and more, many homeowners nowadays have a hard time fitting anything else into their already jam-packed calendar. If this sounds all too familiar, then fireplace maintenance in the midst of summer is probably the last thing you are thinking about.

Unfortunately, waiting until fall to get your inspection and sweeping completed can bring about some unexpected challenges. Our sweeps, along with countless other technicians in the industry, get most of their calls in the cooler autumn months, making it difficult to always find a convenient time slot for our loyal customer base.

If you want to guarantee your sweeping gets done before fall and during a time that works well for you, we urge you to call today. We are not nearly as busy, giving you a lot more freedom when it comes to finding the most ideal spot in your schedule.

Guarantee A Happier Holiday Season

An exciting part of owning a fireplace is lighting it up over the holidays to create a welcoming atmosphere. Everyone knows the best part of winter and fall is enjoying the fire on a cold evening. With the holidays, family gatherings, and much-needed relaxation time, the fireplace needs to be working safely.

Unfortunately, fall and winter is often a busy time for chimney companies due to the oncoming cold weather. If you find yourself experiencing a smoke backup, damages, system’s performance issues, you may have to wait for an appointment. Because of this, many find themselves without a well-functioning fireplace for holiday events and get-togethers.

If you want to guarantee that idyllic atmosphere this winter, be sure to schedule your maintenance now.

Ample Time To Address Repairs

When it comes to maintaining a longer-lasting and better-functioning appliance, investing in repairs whenever they are needed is a must. If we are given the opportunity to spot issues now, we will have plenty of time to address them before you start your burning season again. Not to mention, the summertime weather is ideal when it comes to allowing our products to properly cure.

All in all, getting any issues taken care of now will make for a great fall later this year.

Ready for some help? Trust in our crew for it all. We have over six decades of experience. We guarantee mess-free services and an honest assessment with every job we take on. Reach out today at 1-800-CHIMNEY.

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Schedule An Early Chimney Inspection Today

With spring here and summer soon approaching, chimney care is probably the last thing on your mind. If you’re like most, you’re probably waiting until fall when you’re burning season is about to kick off. This seems like a logical enough plan, but we’re here to offer some different advice. Why not cross your inspection off your list now? There are countless advantages to finishing this work early, and our sweeps are ready to help you out soon. Learn more below, then give the CSIA and NFI certified team at Mason’s Chimney Service a call today!

Finding A Time That Works For You

One of the biggest advantages of early scheduling is the ability to work with your schedule. Fall and winter are our busiest times, so it’s not always easy to book an appointment at your convenience. We try our hardest to accommodate our customers in every way possible, but if our books are full, there’s simply not a lot we can do.

When you schedule in the spring and summer months, our availability will be a lot more flexible, and we’re guessing you’ll be on less of a time crunch. Since there’s no rush to light up a fire any time soon and since our sweeps are less busy, we’ll be able to find the most convenient arrangement! If this sounds like the ideal scenario for you, give us a call right away and we’ll get started.

Doing Repair Work Early

Chimneys and fireplaces go through a lot, so it’s not uncommon for us to discover clogs, cracking, creosote build-up, crumbling masonry, and more. Most of the time, these problems are easily resolvable with a little help from our sweeps. The sooner we can get the work done, the better off you will be!

This is another reason to get that inspection done early! Imagine getting us in this fall, only to learn you need to invest in some repair work before putting your chimney to use. Since you’re likely anxious to get that first fire of the year going, this can be a frustrating situation and, with our schedule books filling up fast, it’s not always easy for us to get back to your home right away.

If we spot any damages this spring, we resolve them well before colder temperatures come back again. Along with this, spring provides an ideal temperature range for getting various repairs done. Some products cure better in this type of weather, so you’ll be sure to get great-looking and longer-lasting results.

What Are You Waiting For?

There’s no better time to complete your chimney maintenance, so why not contact our team right away? When fall returns and your friends and neighbors are scrambling to get their fireplace services in, you’ll be relaxing by a crackling fire, happy to have all of that behind you. Get your appointment scheduled right away!

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